Salt Security been named the winner in SC Media’s Best API Security Solution category — and for good reason.

APIs are essential to modern applications, connecting enterprises to crucial data and services. As the transmission of sensitive information through APIs becomes increasingly complex, robust API security has become vital. The Salt Security API Protection Platform has become highly regarded for offering protection throughout the API lifecycle, using cloud-scale big data, AI, and ML for real-time analysis and correlation across millions of APIs and users.

“Cybersecurity organizations are over subscribed to hundreds of security tools already,” Salt Security told SC Media. “Salt works with the tools and workflows that teams already use, to protect APIs without introducing complexity or friction.”

Salt Security’s Context Engine (ACE) architecture allows for API design analysis in pre-production, API discovery, attack prevention, and runtime remediation insights. Security teams can deploy Salt Security’s platform’s cloud-scale big data capabilities in any environment, supporting all API types and formats.

The platform works with existing tools and workflows without adding complexity, helping security and DevOps teams respond to threats, stop attackers, and eliminate vulnerabilities. In light of the growing costs of API-related cyber loss, Salt Security aids organizations in identifying, protecting, and hardening APIs to reduce security expenses.