Cybersecurity makes World Economic Forum’s top 10 Covid-19 global fallout list

May 21, 2020
  1. Sharpen e-commerce. Many businesses are likely to develop or refine their e-commerce strategies and increase their online business channels.
  2. Focus on mobile data apps. Increasing digitization of personal data will be part of many existing and new business models and will attract hackers who can leverage or sell PII. This may include public health-related mobile apps that collect and analyze data for contact tracing, individual COVID-19 exposure and vaccination status, and the blending of business data with personal data on personal mobile and computing devices.
  3. Move to the cloud. More companies will migrate enterprise data to cloud services. The cloud has become a target of hackers because companies often do not implement appropriate security measures for their data in the cloud, and, need better cloud services management controls in place.
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