US expands Clean Network to protect COVID-19 vaccine research from China

August 7, 2020
Pompeo in China
BEIJING, CHINA - JUNE 14: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks during a press conference at the Great Hall of the People. Pompeo says the State Department has expanded efforts to protect U.S. vaccine research and IP from China. (Photo by Lintao Zhang via Getty Images)
  • Clean carrier. Ensures untrusted People’s Republic of China (PRC) carriers are not connected with U.S. telecommunications networks.
  • Clean store. Removes untrusted applications that threaten privacy, spread viruses and perpetuate disinformation from U.S. mobile app stores.
  • Clean apps. Prevents untrusted PRC smartphone manufacturers – Pompeo pointed to Huaweii – from pre-installing, or make available for download, trusted apps in their apps store.
  • Clean cloud. Prevents the most sensitive personal information and valuable intellectual property of businesses, including COVID-19 vaccine research, from being stored and processed on cloud-based systems that are accessible to foreign adversaries via companies such as Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent.
  • Clean cable. Ensures the undersea cables connecting the U.S. to the global internet are not subverted for intelligence gathering by the PRC at hyper scale.
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