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Peter Stephenson, technology editor, SC Media
The Threat Hunter Blog

Ransomware – Part 2

Welcome back to ransomware. This time we are focusing on TeslaCrypt 3.0 with the .mp3 extension. Files encrypted - for example .docx files - will show as document.docx.mp3.
Executive Insight

Hiding in Plain Sight: The Banking Trojan Stalking Your Users’ Inboxes

If you’re a seasoned, conscientious IT professional, you have likely been spending more and more time over the past few years pondering just what your users know (or don’t know) about phishing. You know that attacks on organizations such as yours have been climbing at a rapid rate and that the payloads they deliver to…
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We interviewed cyber experts on a Vegas ferris wheel. Then ride security showed up…

In the film “Ocean’s 11,” Danny Ocean and his team of expert cybercriminals execute a daring casino heist in glitzy Las Vegas. This past summer at the Black Hat and DEF CON conferences in Sin City, the editorial staff at SC Media attempted to pull off a less ambitious – and decidedly more legal –…
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