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Silex bricks 2,000 plus IoT devices, 14 year-old author has bigger plans for botnet

A new malware dubbed Silex has bricked at least 2,000 IoT devices in an ongoing campaign that is expected to intensify in the coming days. In the early hours of June 25, Akamai researcher Larry Cashdollar first spotted the malware targeting Unix-based systems with default credentials and trashing the device’s storage, dropping its firewall rules, removing…
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As go the candidates, so goes U.S. cyber policy?

As Americans prepare for the upcoming U.S. presidential election and weigh the policies of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, industry pros observing the cybersecurity policy discussions between the two candidates may be excused for wondering “How did we arrive here?” While neither candidate has offered much detail into their cybersecurity policy…
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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) – key points for early adopters

Last year Gartner introduced the term Secure Access Service Edge or SASE in their technology hype cycle and almost immediately it grabbed enormous attention from the vendors and enterprise consumers. Existing and new technology players already started highlighting the benefits of SASE and marketing their offering to attract customers. But what is this SASE? Why…
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Part 2 – Cooperative cybersecurity protection for large-scale infrastructure

Cyberthreats to infrastructure Click HERE for Part One Any cooperative effort that supports large-scale infrastructure protection must begin with an accurate perception of the real cyber risks that must be addressed. Experts understand that risk is measured by combining the probability of bad outcomes with the consequences of such outcomes. In the context of infrastructure…
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CISOs vs. the board

Security chiefs need to tell the board the truth, albeit a more palatable version of the truth. For Fortune 1000 CISOs and CSOs, reporting to their boards of directors is, at best, a complicated and disquieting situation. CISOs must be specific and technical, but not too specific nor technical. They must be honest and comprehensive,…
Reboot 2016 - Predictions 2017

Gazing ahead: Security predictions, Part 4

We've gathered forecasts from more than 50 security experts on what they believe will be the most pressing concerns in 2017 and beyond impacting the information security and IT security field.
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