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How to Stop the COVID-19 Phishing Outbreak

Organizations in every industry are seeing a spike in attempts to exploit anxiety about COVID-19 through phishing email and websites that impersonate the CDC, offer vaccines, and prompt users toward the fateful clicks and credential harvesting that lead to malware, ransomware, data theft and rogue financial transactions.

SOC-as-a-Service: Detect, Investigate, and Resolve Threats Faster

In this democast, we’ll discuss how SOC-as-a-Service can help, and what to look for in a modern managed security service provider (MSSP). We’ll also provide a demo of our cloud native ActiveEye platform which offers complete visibility into your cloud, endpoint, and network security, along with 24x7 expert support to detect, investigate, and resolve threats faster.

Uncovering advanced persistent threats

Join us for a step-by-step walk through of how the Operation Cloud Hopper attack unfolded and how security professionals can implement automated defenses to detect malicious behavior like APT10's attack before the breach occurs.

Taking the Cyber Battle Home: How TrapX Flex is Protecting Remote Workers & Devices

Remote work is here to stay, and it’s pushing security pros into a new reality of Shadow IT, IoT, and accelerated Cloud adoption, along with significant growth in attack surface area. Today’s SOC teams need a quick-start solution to reduce remote worker risk without impacting employees and systems already fatigued with change. In this live session, we’ll introduce TrapX Flex, the industry’s first Deception-as-a-Service solution, created specifically to protect corporate assets from the security risks of our expanding “work from anywhere” culture.

Hacking your organization: 7 steps bad guys use to take total control of your network

The scary fact is that human error is a contributing factor in more than 90% of breaches. With so many technical controls in place hackers are still getting through to your end users, making them your last line of defense. How are they so easily manipulated into giving the bad guys what they want? Well, hackers are crafty. And the best way to beat them is to understand the way they work.

Shifting security right: Know what you own

There are a number of reasons unknown or unlogged web applications continue to live in portfolios- including M&A activity resulting in acquired web assets, and the proliferation of the digital landscape with marketing promotional sites. Ultimately, the very thing meant to draw attention to your brand and boost your bottom line is the same target attackers go after to infiltrate your organization.
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