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The mobile security threat is overblown.

FOR Security software vendors like to bleat about how mobile phones will be the next big target for malware writers. Mobile operating systems are becoming a lot like PCs, they say. PCs have lots of malware. Therefore smartphones will have lots of malware. Security vendors are hoping this will become true so they can sell…
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The prosumer changes everything

The people in your organization will do whatever they have to do to be productive. And if that means that your current IT infrastructure is not conducive to helping them be productive, they will look for ways around your IT infrastructure safeguards. What does that mean? That means if their e-mail box is not large enough they will go online and find ones that are. That large file can be sent via e-mail -- they will find services and technologies to solve that issue. Can't get access to presentations and documents necessary to do that perfect sales presentation when you are remote -- they will start hosting the very same presentation and documents in a place that allows them to get to it. The iPhone and android phones are not supported by IT -- they will create proxies using home computers to push and pull e-mail from their smart devices.
On the go: Mobile security

On the go: Mobile security

An explosion in smartphones, laptops, USB sticks and other portable devices has brought new security challenges, reports Greg Masters.
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