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Prevent, detect and respond to ransomware

WannaCry put security leaders on notice when it comes to ransomware. Since then, attacks have skyrocketed, with the FBI reporting that businesses and individuals lost billions of dollars, due to cybercriminals’ use of malicious software. This remote, digital shakedown has quickly become the preferred method for many digital marauders to prey on all kinds of organizations.

Building a Better Identity Management Roadmap

The way organizations operate and process information has drastically changed over the last six months as the global economic and health crisis has resulted in job losses, an expanded remote workforce, and increased use of temporary staff. One important byproduct of this shift: Security leaders are rethinking their approaches to access control. Even in the best of circumstances, ensuring effective oversight of digital identities is among a security leader’s most daunting responsibilities. Innovations in contextual and biometric authentication remain promising — though the latter must confront increased social and legal resistance — but the growing complexity of internal and external networks we rely on keeps the bar high.

Malware is constantly evolving – Are you?

Though malware has continued to evolve, its delivery mechanism has remained a constant: According to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 94 percent of malware was delivered by email. In recent years, the explosion in ransomware attacks has rightly taken center stage when it comes to malware analysis. Evaluating the more than half a million instances reported in 2019, security firm Emsisoft estimates an aggregate ransom demand exposure of more than $6.3 billion.

Closing security gaps in hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Digital transformation initiatives have led many companies and organizations to adopt cloud services. While this has boosted operational agility and unlocked new revenue sources, it has left information security teams with multiple new environments to secure, test and monitor. Especially for those who work in hybrid or multi-cloud environments, understanding your organization’s cloud attack surface requires new thinking and may even demand a security overhaul. To be sure, achieving absolute visibility is always difficult, but innovative approaches, and new combinations of techniques and tools, are proving effective for organizations whose network extensions have left them outside their comfort zone.