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Cookie leak allows white-hat researcher to access HackerOne vulnerability reports

Bug bounty platform provider HackerOne Tuesday disclosed that one of its own security analysts mistakenly sent a session cookie to a white-hat researcher on Nov. 24, allowing the researcher to take over the analyst’s account and access vulnerability reports on a number of companies. The researcher, known in the HackerOne community as haxta4ok00, promptly reported…
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Not every insider threat is malicious, but all are dangerous

As companies fall victim to increased insider threats, one of the greatest casualties has become trust in coworkers. Where one used to think primarily about threats to network security as coming from external intruders, today CISOs need to contend with the increasing likelihood that the threat actor might be a colleague — perhaps someone close…
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SIEMple evolution: The future for a cloud-based SIEM

The future of SIEM is cloudy, literally and figuratively, as companies strive to keep up with potentially billions of events. It has become an industry cliché to say that SIEM (security information and event management) is dead. Some SIEM vendors love those pronouncements because it drives wavering customers to make purchases before their SIEM systems…
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The three-sphere circus of compliance

When wrestling with compliance requirements, CISOs often feel like they are a performer in the middle of a three-ring circus, rapidly trying to juggle sharp knives. No matter how fast or perfectly they juggle, there is an assistant, or in this case regulator, behind the curtain constantly throwing out more and more knives, each one…
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Going down the ransomware rabbithole

Looking for insights in modern literature to address the challenges facing CISOs might seem farfetched, but there is some logic to this. Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass illustrates the challenges posed by ransomware. While this might seem contradictory on the surface, the options and twisted logic Alice faced are…
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