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False Flags & Leveraged Trust: Phishing Techniques for Novices & Experts Alike

At the heart of every phishing attack is a special type of confidence scheme that we know as “social engineering.” Social engineering, despite its technical-sounding name, is simply an attempt by malicious parties to make themselves appear to be other than who they are in order to persuade targeted individuals to take potentially dangerous actions…
Network care: Case study

Network care: Case study

When a care provider supplied laptops to its roving employees, it added a security solution to enable efficient collaboration. Greg Masters reports.
Executive Insight

The Littler Fish in the Sea: Expanding the Menu of Spoofed Brands

If there is one key “feature” of phishing that has characterized the epidemic of malicious emails since the very beginning back in the early 2000s, it is the spoofing of well-recognized brand names.  The earliest phishing emails primarily spoofed banks and other financial institutions in order to trick unwitting users into coughing up their online…
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Scaling the cloud

There used to be a time when large enterprises, in particular, took pride in the idea of managing all their various and sundry IT functions, every backend process, in-house.
Network Security

How’s he doing, so far?

The cybersecurity and privacy communities have an abundance of advice for Donald Trump as he plots his cyber strategy.
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