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Security News

Cisco probes source code leak

Cisco is investigating claims that a large amount of its source code for its main hardware operating system has been leaked.
Security News

The rise of the malicious spammer

One of the most noteworthy IT security developments of 2003 is the convergence between spamming and viral techniques, leading to a much more dangerous threat for email users.
Product Review

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus supports a number of environments, which include Linux, Unix (Free­ BSD, BSDi, OpenBSD, Solaris), Novell NetWare, MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Domino, Sendmail, Qmail, Exim, Postfix and all the Windows versions.

Security News

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Over the last several years a number of threats to information security have received more than their share of debate - starting with profiles on the distributed denial-of-service attacks of early 2000 and, alongside these stories, recurring news on a long list of high-profile web defacements.
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