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Petya ransomware reportedly spread via malicious software updates, Windows exploits and tools

The Petya ransomware attack that infected corporations around the world today may have originated from a malicious update for a Ukranian accounting software product called MeDoc, according to researchers. Additionally, the ransomware possibly leverages not one, but two former Microsoft Windows exploits that were employed by the National Security Agency (NSA) before they were leaked by…
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SC Media’s 30th anniversary award winners

As part of SC Media’s year-long celebration of our 30th anniversary, we wanted to honor cybersecurity leaders who have shaped the industry these last three decades, as well as call out contributions made by others who may just be beginning their journey and likely will have influence over the next 30 years. Of course, we…
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No, I don’t WannaCry and WannaCry 2.0

*** NOTE: UPDATE — version 2.0 is on the street – new information at the end of this blog! *** But let’s start off with the hot cyber news over the past week, of course, is the WannaCry (or Wana Crypt/Cryptor/Decryptor) ransomware.  Getting back in the saddle, I thought that this would be a good…
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