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Ransomware: There are no easy answers

Any competent business advisor would likely tell a client that spending $76,000 in order to potentially fend off an incident that could cost that organizations millions of dollars would be money well spent. But what happens to that calculus when the outlay is a ransom demanded by cybercriminals who managed to infiltrate your computer network,…
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Who goes there?

A common theme that runs through successful books and movies is misdirection. Are the good guys really good and the bad guys really bad? Identity is everything. In the real world, you do not want to be the good guy who finds out at the end that your colleague or business partner was actually an…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

NSA urges admins to patch BlueKeep vulnerability

The National Security Agency (NSA) has added its weight to Microsoft’s by heavily recommending that Windows administrators update their systems to protect against the CVE-2019-0708 “BlueKeep” vulnerability. Microsoft issued a patch for CVE-2019-0708 in May, but it’s estimated there are almost one million devices that have not been issued the update and remain vulnerable. The…
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You’re Still Unpatched from WannaCry?

Recently, a new version of NRSMiner was found actively spreading malware in Asia by either updating existing NRSMiner infections or spreading to new systems using the EternalBlue exploit. EternalBlue is the exploit that was stolen by the Shadow Brokers, leaked to the public, and responsible for the WannaCry and NotPetya outbreaks that crippled businesses in…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Transient devices require strict control measures as regulatory compliance requirements grow

TThe proliferation of BYOD and portable media devices is increasing the cybercrime attack surface exponentially. reports that 25 percent of malware is spread today through USB devices alone. Transient cyber assets  — or devices not connected to the network all the time (which includes USB devices) — are proving to be an acute vulnerability…
Executive Insight, Security News

Five ways to secure identities and protect assets in the gig economy

Long gone are the days of giving gold watches to 40-year career employees. For enterprises across industries, the gig economy is increasing. And while it provides businesses and employees opportunity and flexibility, when it comes to protecting data and other sensitive information, the gig economy can bring major security challenges.   “Gig economy” is a…
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The Secure Access Paradigm Shift to Zero Trust

The basic principles of securing access to critical information have not changed, but the ecosystem your information resides in has transformed significantly. Changes in business and IT operations have introduced unnecessary complexity and risk to modern enterprise. However, the time has come for organizations to change their approach to security, or risk facing the consequences…
Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Striving for a privacy culture

Sometimes an issue floats just beyond the horizon or simmers on the backburner before it boldly flashes forward, not to be ignored or diminished any longer. That’s what’s happened with privacy – percolating for years, the subject of discussion – but with true awareness rising in the U.S. only for the past 12 to 18…
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Top five application security pitfalls to avoid

What are the common perils and pitfalls CISOs should consider when investing in corporate application security and Application Security Testing (AST)? Spending without holistic application inventory Shadow and legacy web-based systems, abandoned web services and APIs, expired SSL certificates, and unprotected cloud storage (e.g. AWS S3 buckets) adversely affect even the vast majority of FT 500…
Executive Insight, Opinion

The death of the VPN – It’s time to say goodbye

Virtual private networks, VPNs, have often been referred to as the “backbone of the enterprise network.”  This is a bold statement to make about a technology that essentially hasn’t changed in almost over two decades.  And yet, a VPN’s ability to offer employees, third parties and even customers “secure” remote access into enterprise applications and…
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