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New ransomware trends spotted: Auctioning stolen files, cybergangs joining forces

The tactics of human-operated ransomware campaigns continue to escalate. Victims who previously feared having their their systems disrupted, their files encrypted and their data stolen and published online may now face another ultimatum: Pay up or have your data auctioned off to the highest bidder. That’s the latest threat from the Sodinokibi/REvil gang, which announced…
Security News

Digging for dirt

How do you stop a criminal mind from getting into your key line-of-business systems? You probably can't, which is why Mike Jones (not his real name) keeps a computer forensics services company at his beck and call. The attempts to steal the personal identifying information on credit cards never ceases.
Security News

Cover Story: Working for Gold

For all of the change that occurs in the industry, there remains one immutable consideration that every IT security manager must deal with: the justification of security costs.
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