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GDPR: It’s (just about) here

Like many college students who cram the night before a test - and some writers who test the limits of their editors' patience with their procrastination - many companies have pushed off GDPR compliance, believing either it doesn't apply to them, it's too costly or overwhelming or they can afford to wait and see just how serious regulators are about admonishing and fining companies who falter on privacy. Big mistake.
Network Security

Compliance doesn’t equal security, but it sure does help

Imagine using faulty information in creating a building design or developing a product or running a political campaign or formulating a new drug. That's exactly what can happen - with devastating results - when hackers or other malfeasants infiltrate an organization and corrupt its data.
Cyberespionage: Raids from afar

Cyberespionage: Raids from afar

The Google-China attacks, revealed in January, kicked off a year in which the threat of cybespionage to steal corporate and government secrets firmly entrenched itself as part of the security battle zone.

Power Players

These 10 women were selected for their longstanding contributions to the IT security space.
InfoSec Insider

Enterprise Resiliency goes Beyond Disaster Recovery (3)

By Katherine Teitler

March 8, 2017

It's a mistake

Anyone who has worked in a corporate environment for any appreciable amount of time has been asked to give a presentation of one sort or another. Regardless of role or responsibilities, you’d be hard pressed to find a professional that hasn’t, at some point, worried over the details of what he or she was going to say and how to put together the best and most appropriate accompanying visual aid.

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