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Illena Armstrong, VP, Editorial, chats with SonicWall CEO Bill Conner about concerning threats, non-traditional points of entry, and steps your organization can take to secure your corporate infrastructure.

Group Tests – Email Security

BeyondTrust – Enterprise Vulnerability Management

Verdict: BeyondTrust works to proactively identify security exposures, analyze business impact, and plan and conduct remediation across network, web, cloud, and virtual infrastructures.

Digital Defense Frontline – Vulnerability Manager 6.2

Verdict: This solution can manage vulnerability data across multiple scans by leveraging patented host correlation technology to track assets across scans and trend host information regardless of IP address changes.

Kenna – Kenna Security Platform

Verdict: Kenna Security Platform is a scalable, cloud-based solution designed to deliver informed and accurate risk prioritization and performs network/device vulnerability assessments, management, and penetration testing.

Tenable –

Verdict: This solution has been engineered to deliver comprehensive scanning, passive network monitoring, and true asset tracking to eliminate vulnerabilities and blind spots to help their organizations to see and do more.

Tripwire – IP360 9.0.3

Verdict: Tripwire offers protocol, application, and vulnerability detection with low false positive rates for an accurate, efficient, and comprehensive understanding of your environment.

SAINT – Security Suite 9.5

Verdict: SAINT uses data from an analytics perspective, leveraging asset management capabilities to give data business context for vulnerability prioritization purposes.

Skybox Security – Security Suite, Vulnerability and Threat Management

Verdict: It helps build a comprehensive network model and understand the security landscape by seeing what is in place, where critical data resides, and potential paths attacks may take.