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Amnesty Int’l: Norway, Bahrain & Kuwait Covid-19 apps threaten privacy

An Amnesty International study of 11 Covid-19 contact tracing apps from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa found identified apps from Bahrain, Kuwait and Norway as the most dangerous to users’ privacy. In a news release published on Tuesday, the human rights organization’s Security Lab said Bahrain’s ‘BeAware Bahrain’, Kuwait’s ‘Shlonik’ and Norway’s ‘Smittestopp’…
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Arbonne breach of 3,500+ Calif. residents’ PII could test privacy law

The exposure of the PII of more than 3,500 California residents in the database of international multi-level marketing firm Arbonne following a breach on April 23 offers a glimpse into whether the state will enforce its new privacy statute that went into effect in January. Almost half of a four-page information sheet from Arbonne describing…
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Ringing in a new National Privacy Law?

Privacy advocates have long called for a federal privacy law and it’s coming…in the mean time, experts say complying with the CCPA will lay the groundwork for future compliance with a federal law. Like revelers packing Times Square on New Year’s Eve waiting for the ball to drop, a close teeming crowd of organizations spent the…
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Hang-ups, hold-ups and hurdles passing federal privacy legislation

What are the biggest points of contention impeding passage of federal privacy legislation (and 3 other security laws)? Government at any level is infamous for moving at a snail’s pace, as politics, red tape and competing interests often get in the way of progress. Technology, on the other hand, moves at lightning speed.  Unfortunately, this…
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2020 Predictions: Privacy

Dimitri Sirota, co-founder and CEO, BigIDSiri, Are You Listening? Overcollection of consumer data has been an issue for quite some time, but the introduction of smart home devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Nest have exponentially accelerated consumer data collection, much of which is superfluous and lacking in value. Large and small organizations alike are…

SC Media Reboot Leadership Awards – Privacy Leads/Data Protection Experts

Rebecca Wynn, Matrix Medical  Network Rebecca Wynn is responsible for fortifying Matrix Medical Network’s systems and data against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks against health care providers, including data breaches, ransomware and IoT medical device exploitation. Complete Profile… Eve Maler, ForgeRock Eve Maler is a leading proponent on a variety of topics including from privacy and digital…
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Privacy legislation: E pluribus unum

In the last several months, a series of tech company executives have sat before Senate and House panels, peppered with questions, smart ones at that, about how their companies protect data. Imagine that, Congress asking prescient questions about a tech-related subject. The hearings held on Capitol Hill marked a turning point of sorts – lawmakers…
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Privacy sheriffs – CPOs saddle up to protect information assets

Much like in the Old West when the town sheriff and a few deputies did their best to keep the local citizens safe from the black-hatted bad guys who inhabited the surrounding empty land, today’s chief privacy officer (CPO) must keep data locked down at companies, organizations or government entities and beyond the reach of…
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International Women’s Day: A nod to women in security

While the industry throws around a familiar – and seemingly static – statistic that women make up a mere 11-13 percent of the cybersecurity workforce, John McCumber, director of cybersecurity advocacy at ISC(2), recently told SC Media that number may be as high as 30 percent. Still, while that hints of some progress, that’s far a…
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