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2014 Women in IT Security

2014 Women in IT Security: Wendy Nather

In 2010 Wendy Nather joined 451 Research as a senior analyst, and she now serves as research director for the information security practice covering many different areas, with a heavy focus on application security, security services and threat intelligence.
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Realtor charges dropped

Three real estate agents in Rockingham, N.C. charged with illegally accessing a Hotmail account belonging to the employee of a competitor won't face prison time. Charges against Wendy Robson Massagee, 43, were dismissed last Friday. The two other defendants in the case, Kim Dawn Whitley, 40, and Jamie Moss-Godfrey, 41, will have to complete community service before charges are dismissed, according to the Richmond County Clerk's Office. — AM
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Analyzing, Identifying & Defining Data: The Next Steps in Security

Your organization's unstructured information is comprised of emails, documents, and other file types, and is saved to computers, mobile devices, the cloud, everywhere. So how do you go about securing your most important data, optimizing information sharing, and reducing data loss if you don't know what data you have and where it is?
POS systems point of sale

167 Applebee’s locations across 15 states hit with POS breach

RMH Franchise Holdings, which claims to be the second largest Applebee’s franchisee, is warning Applebee’s customers that point-of-sale malware affected 167 restaurants in 15 states. Franchises in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wyoming were affected in the breach. The company discovered the malware on Feb.…
InfoSec Insider

Mission Really Difficult: Securing Your Supply Chain

How do you secure that which you don't control? This is the big question for every enterprise, since no organization exists in a vacuum. From third-party commercial software (including operating systems) to open source, custom-written applications, there are plenty of attack vectors that cause concern.

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Fin7 operator pleads guilty to two counts

Ukrainian Fedir Hladyr, a FIN7 operator, pleaded guilty in a U.S. district court Wednesday to conspiracy to commit computer hacking and wire fraud. The 34-year-old Hladyr, who has been in custody since his January 2018 arrest in Dresden, Germany for serving as an administrator of the hacking group under the cover of front company called…
Data Breach

Sonic Drive-In latest to be hit in POS data breach

Sonic Drive-In is investigating a possible point-of-sale (POS) breach that has led to customer payment card information being sold on a dark web market. Information on the cyberattack is limited so far, with no firm data on the number of cards affected, store locations involved, or how the POS system was infiltrated and with what…
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