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Domestic Kitten spyware targets ISIS supporters

An extensive spyware campaign targeting Iranian, Kurdish and Turkish natives as well as ISIS supporters has been active since 2016. Dubbed “Domestic Kitten” Check Point researchers discovered the targeted attacks which they say have remained under the radar due to the artful deception of its attackers towards their targets, according to a Sept. 7 blog…
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Apple store apps are not all safe: Malwarebytes, Tripwire

Apple has more rotten apps in its App Store than many people may realize and the company is not always quick to act in removing titles that have been proven malicious, according to two new reports. Malwarebytes and Tripwire both pointed out Apple and its purportedly safe app store have had issues of late with…
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Google releases update for Android Chrome app

Google has released a new Chrome for Android update offering improved performance, user experience and security. The update will offer cleaner and more modern design, stability and performance improvements, secure and easy mobile payments via third-party payment apps and password generation now works on more sites, according to a September 4 security notification. “Computing is changing. That…
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Android vulnerability exposes users data via Wifi

Nightwatch Cybersecurity Researchers identified a sensitive data exposure via Wifi Broadcast vulnerability in Android OS. Researchers discovered system broadcasts by Android devices expose information about the user’s device to all applications running on the device that can be intercepted and bypass any permission checks and existing mitigations on the vulnerable device, according to an Aug.…
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Android spyware BusyGasper has many features, but few known victims

A newly discovered mobile malware implant nicknamed BusyGasper might leave a few Android users breathless, if they knew about the unusual set of features the spyware uses to snoop on them. In an Aug. 29 blog post, Kaspersky Lab researcher Alexey Firsh reports that BusyGasper has existed since at least May 2016. But there’s a good reason it’s…
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The Evolved Perimeter: IoT Identity and Integrity

The rise of IoT has introduced new challenges to security in the enterprise. Like most security challenges, protecting against threats is the basic work of good IT hygiene. Organizations can adopt existing identity management best practices to meet this new challenge.

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The State of Mobile Payments Security

What is the bottom line from a security perspective when it comes to mobile payments? In the current state of the ecosystem, mobile security expert Aaron Turner offers up his take and advice on the topic.

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