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Authentication and the Movies: How Hollywood predicted our cybersecurity present

Spaceships and little green men; self-driving cars and self-flying drones; virtual reality and alternative universes; and, if you can believe it, the cybersecurity authentication in use today, all “predicted” decades ago. The movies aren’t just a place to go to get away from it all; they’re a place to go to learn about what we…
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Device Security Is a Rising Threat That We Can No Longer Ignore

The rapidly expanding digital world has made our lives more interconnected than ever.  We can control our home thermostats from afar, transfer money between bank accounts, monitor our weight loss goals, view pictures of our friends’ vacations, unlock our doors, store all our personal and family photos, and perform many of the duties of our…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

Comparing 5G to Wi-Fi 6 from a security perspective

Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi systems have proven to be secure for thousands of demanding customers across virtually all industries. With the recent hype around 5G and service providers promoting 5G as an alternative to Wi-Fi in the enterprise, it pays to understand how 5G security stacks up against Wi-Fi security. Cellular security has improved with each generation.…
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The Debate is Over: Artificial Intelligence is the Future for Cybersecurity

In January Google’s parent company, Alphabet, announced the launch of Chronicle – an artificial intelligence-based solution for the cybersecurity industry – promising “the power to fight cybercrime on a global scale.” There are mixed opinions on the value and readiness of artificial intelligence (AI) in our industry. Just last year Google’s own Heather Adkins, director…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Consumer data privacy regulation at the federal level: An opportunity for MSPs?

After Jerry Brown signed the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) paperwork in June 2018, shock waves reverberated throughout Silicon Valley. Lobbyists at the Information Technology Industry Council, a Google-backed think tank, quickly went to work drafting proposals for a federal law that would supersede the stringent California bill. Twelve states subsequently followed California’s lead and…
Executive Insight

Cryptography is our digital immune system

A fifth, man-made domain serving as a great force multiplier for commerce and free expression, cyberspace has also made us more vulnerable.  We have intertwined nearly every aspect of society including critical infrastructure, business, and communication to internet technology, all of which was not initially designed to be secure in this hyper-connected world.  No organism,…
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After the Meltdown

I can hear through these walls  And I hear every sign, every sound –          Phil Collins In June last year under conditions of intense secrecy, teams of developers around the world forfeited their holidays to fix three unprecedented vulnerabilities that lay at the very heart of the hardware that powers our computing infrastructure. The flaws…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

How to build a successful offensive security research team

Over the last several years, as the threat landscape has continually evolved, the severity and sheer volume of security vulnerabilities and attacks has accelerated dramatically, causing the tech industry across the world to look for new ways to prevent crippling cyber attacks. In an effort to outthink and outmaneuver attackers, organizations have begun creating offensive…
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Automate your mobile application security without the staff

Mobile devices have overtaken desktop devices as the leading means to access applications and the internet. The growing demand for mobile apps creates a need for developers to improve their processes and release new features at an unprecedented rate to stay ahead of the competition. Consequently, the development community embraces newer processes such as Agile…
Executive Insight, Phishing

Going stealth: Bad guys embrace the power of branding

By Stu Sjouwerman Since the very dawn of organized phishing attacks, the bad guys have recognized the power of exploiting trusted brands and online services. Our original experience with phishing was defined by spoofed emails purporting to hail from popular banks. Their objective was simple: trick users into coughing up their online banking credentials with…
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