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Bots vs. Bad actors: How to spot the difference and protect yourself

Hackers. Bots. Trolls. Cybercriminals. We’ve all heard these terms used – sometimes interchangeably – to describe alleged perpetrators of cyberattacks and other malicious online activity. But as social media grows as the cyberattack vector of choice, it’s important for businesses to understand and be able to recognize the differences so they can spot the real…
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Mushtik botnet now shopping for Tomato routers

A new variant of the Mushtik botnet has been found attacking routers using the open-source Tomato router firmware with about 4.600 routers currently exposed on the internet. Musthtik has been operating since March 2018 using a worm-like propagating ability to infect and harvest Linux servers and IoT devices. The good news is the new variant…
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Hacker leaks more than 515,000 Telnet credentials in forum

A hacker posted a trove of Telnet credentials for more than 515,000 servers, IoT devices and routers on a hacking forum. The leaked lists, dated October and November of last year, were published by someone who runs a DDoS-for-hire service and include usernames, passwords and IP addresses, according to a report by ZDNet. The hacker,…
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Cable Haunt RCE vulnerability exposes millions of modems to exploitation

Researchers have disclosed the discovery of a critical remote code execution vulnerability in millions of Broadcom cable modems, including about 200 million in Europe alone. Named Cable Haunt, the flaw consists of a combination of “lack of proper authorization of the web-socket client, default credentials and a programming error in the spectrum analyzer” component of…
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Attackers distill essence of Mirai IoT botnet into LiquorBot malware

Researchers recently uncovered another descendant of the Mirai Internet of Things botnet, this one featuring Monero cryptocurrency mining capabilities. Dubbed LiquorBot, the botnet malware is written in Go programming language and seems to use the same command-and-control infrastructure as Mirai. Sometimes, attack campaigns have even paired both LiquorBot and Mirai together in malicious dropper scripts,…
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The psychology of ransomware

While there is some debate over whether the number of ransomware attacks is rising, there is no arguing that the losses suffered by both public and private sector organizations have increased. Hardening your organization’s security posture requires an understanding not only of how ransomware works technically, but also how the attacks psychologically compel victims to…
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2020 Predictions: Mobile Security

Anthony Di Bello, vice president, strategic development, OpenText 2020 will be a key year for mobile device security given new demands placed on these devices. While employees and consumers have started to take a more proactive approach when it comes to cyber security over the past few years, there is still more that can be…
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Cybersecurity takes the stage

No longer just the concern of IT, cybersecurity is the bad boy headliner that dominates centerstage and all stages beyond.  Teri Robinson reports.  At the recent Lonestar Blues and Heritage Festival in, where else, Texas, fans bounced between the main stage where headliners strutted their stuff and the porch stage where more modest acts plucked their guitars – and…
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Momentum botnet spotted in the wild

A new botnet dubbed Momentum has been found targeting Linux systems running on a variety of different processors and pushing a list of well-known backdoors with the goal of being able to launch DDoS attacks. Trend Micro reported Momentum has been found launching Mirai, Kaiten and Bashlite variants in a series of attacks that use…
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The silent rise of cryptojacking

The term “cyber breach” brings to mind customer data strewn across the internet, social security numbers permeating the dark web and major news headlines. While these types of far-reaching incidents are the most likely to generate concern for consumers and organizations, a recent study from the Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance has flagged a new,…
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