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New Normal, New Risk: What Global Security Pros are Saying About the Challenges of Securing Remote Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated the growth of remote workers across all industries. As companies struggle to adjust to our new “work from anywhere” reality, security staff are caught in the crossfire. Remote teams are required for business continuity, yet these employees and their devices create an exponentially broader attack surface area, as well as significant risk to the organization.
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Security teams struggle with ransomware, cloud services

Ransomware, insecure internet-facing systems and attacks against cloud-based services are among the top threats facing industry this year, according to new and recent threat intelligence reporting.  The Q2 threat report released today by Rapid7 and detailing the latest tools and tactics used in cyber campaigns targeting the private sector, pegged the manufacturing sector as the…

Three strategies to defend remote workers from cyberattacks

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation with remote workers going from 20 percent to more than 80 percent of the employed population. In the wake of the shutdown, security attacks are on the rise as corporate networks expand from the headquarters to thousands of remote home locations.  Insecure Wi-Fi connections, shadow IoT devices, and lax home security policies…

Navigating through the mind of a 2020 hacker

When someone gets notified that they have been impacted by a data breach, many people picture a hooded figure in a dark basement with lines of code streaming across a computer screen. Contrary to popular belief, cyberattacks are rarely carried out by a sophisticated cyber-assassin looking to destroy a business. Most of the time they…

Building a Better Identity Management Roadmap

The way organizations operate and process information has drastically changed over the last six months as the global economic and health crisis has resulted in job losses, an expanded remote workforce, and increased use of temporary staff. One important byproduct of this shift: Security leaders are rethinking their approaches to access control. Even in the best of circumstances, ensuring effective oversight of digital identities is among a security leader’s most daunting responsibilities. Innovations in contextual and biometric authentication remain promising — though the latter must confront increased social and legal resistance — but the growing complexity of internal and external networks we rely on keeps the bar high.
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