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APTs/cyberespionage, Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

2FA app weaponized to infect Mac users with Dacls RAT

MacOS users who think they have protected themselves by downloading a particular two-factor authentication application may have actually infected their machines with a new variant of the Dacls remote access trojan. When Dacls was originally discovered in late 2019, it was known to target Windows and Linux platforms, but now it appears Macs are no…
Application Security, Cybercrime, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Salt exploit attacks expose underestimated threat vector: Infrastructure-as-Code tools

Malicious actors have pounced on a pair of critical vulnerabilities found in SaltStack’s open-source, event-based IT automation and configuration management tool Salt. In a series of quick strikes over the weekend, one or more attackers exploited the flaws — disclosed and patched just days earlier — to compromise the “Salt master” servers of several prominent users,…

Reports of COVID-19 malware threats heavier in states with increased testing

Newly published telemetry data collected by the researchers at Bitdefender suggests that U.S. reports of coronavirus-themed malware threat activity have been heaviest in states where testing has increased and the total number of confirmed infections has grown. Among U.S. states, California reported the most threats in both March and April, followed by Texas. New York…
Coronavirus, Security News

Healthcare IT workers struggle to secure IoT devices during COVID-19

Ventilators and respirators, on the front line against the respiratory symptoms often deadly for coronavirus patients, may seem like natural points of vulnerability for medical organizations, but the real threats come from the flood of high-tech IoT medical equipment that must be integrated into a network and properly secured from attack. Under normal circumstances hospitals…
APTs/cyberespionage, Cybercrime, Finance, Government, Government/Defense, Malware, Security News

U.S. offers up to $5M for info on North Korean cyber activity

Four U.S. federal agencies on Wednesday jointly issued an advisory that warns of ongoing North Korea-sponsored cyberthreat operations, and offers a reward of up to $5 million for information on such operations. The communication, issued by the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the Treasury Department and the FBI, details the Democratic People’s Republic…

Researchers see a boom in Zoom domains, stolen accounts

The surging popularity of Zoom video conferencing during the COVID-19 epidemic is compelling internet registrars to make available scores of Zoom-related domains, some of which are being scooped up by malicious actors, researchers from ZeroFox and its Alpha Team reported today. According to a company blog post, Alpha Team members know of roughly 5,343 Zoom-related…
Cybercrime, Malware, Ransomware, Security News

Sale of Dharma ransomware source code draws hackers’ scrutiny, but the price is right

An unidentified party has reportedly placed the source code for Dharma ransomware up for sale on at least two Russian hacker forums, adding a formidable new competitor to an already crowded underground market. And while cybercriminals have met the offer with some healthy skepticism, the bargain-basement selling price of $2,000 may be alluring enough for…
Coronavirus, Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

Hijacked routers and attempted WHO hack highlight latest COVID-19 attacks

Businesses remain closed in many major cities around the world as the coronavirus pandemic rages, but cybercriminals are still open for business, as they continue to use the crisis to serve their nefarious purposes. Today’s latest round-up of coronavirus threats includes a reported hacking attempt against the World Health Organization, a DNS hijacking attack designed…
Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

TrickBot banking trojan introduces RDP brute forcing module

Malicious actors have created a new module for the TrickBot banking trojan that allows the malware to perform brute force attacks on Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol, specifically targeting U.S. and Hong Kong IP addresses. The module, called rdpScanDll, primarily focuses on the telecommunications, education, and financial services sectors, according to a new white paper from…
Coronavirus, Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

Foreign APT groups use coronavirus phishing lures to drop RAT malware

Each day, as the novel coronavirus multiplies and spreads, so do cyber scams capitalizing on users’ fears and thirst for knowledge concerning this pandemic. The perpetrators, and their victims, are based all over the world, as evidenced by two recently discovered global APT-style campaigns designed to spread remote access trojans. Fake Indian Health Advisory spreads…
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