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Sky Brasil exposes data of 32M customers on ElasticSearch

As ElasticSearch based leaks become the latest source of massive data exposures, Sky Brasil, one of the biggest subscription television services in Brazil, is the latest to leave its customers exposed after not securing the server with a password. Independent researcher Fabio Castro found the firm exposed the data of 32 million subscribers in 28.7GB…
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Report: Chinese e-retailer Gearbest leaves database exposed, endangering 1.5 million records

The parent company of Chinese e-retailing giant Gearbest has been operating a completely unsecured corporate database, leaving roughly 1.5 million customer records unencrypted and exposed to the public, a new report warns. Led by white-hat hacker Noam Rotem, researchers from VPNMentor revealed the security issue after discovering they were able to access Gearbest’s customer, order,…
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Exposure of 7.4B records at Le Figaro highlights ongoing problems with misconfigured databases

The exposure of 7.4 billion personal information-laden records, including some login credentials, at France’s Le Figaro underscores how unsecured databases persist even in a world hyperaware of privacy and data security. The database, exposed by an unsecured Elasticsearch server and containing more than 8TB of data on reporters, employees and 42,000 of the daily newspaper’s…
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The movie streaming service Kanopy has been leaking access and API logs through an unsecured ElasticSearch database, according to a cybersecurity researcher. Justin Paine, director of trust and safety at Cloudflare according to LinkedIn, and blogging under the name xxdesmus noted that since March 7 the site has been leaking up to 40 million log…
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U.K. home supply giant leaves offender database open

U.K. home supply chain B&Q exposed the information of 70,000 people allegedly involved in some type of criminal activity in one of the chain’s stores. The Elasticsearch database was uncovered by Cntrlbox Information Security’s open data monitoring system which spotted thousands of lines of information related to the chain. The information included the first and…
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Aliznet exposed database leaks data on 2.5 million Yves Rocher customers

Personal information on customers of French retail consultancy Aliznet were exposed through an unprotected Elasticsearch server. “The most sensitive leaked data involves [2.5 million Canadian] customers of Aliznet’s client Yves Rocher, an international cosmetics and beauty brand,” according to a blog post by vpnMentor, whose research team led by Noam Rotem and Ran Locar discovered…
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4M applications for youth org internships exposed

An unprotected Elasticsearch database exposed at least four million “opportunity applications” for internships at AIESEC, billed as “the world’s largest youth-run organization” with more than 100,000 members in 127 countries. researcher Bob Diachenko of, found the information, which included email addresses, full names, birth dates and gender as well as an in-depth description of…
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Open database, poor decision making exposes PII of 8 million

The recent mistaken exposure of the information of 8 million people due to an open Elasticsearch database exposed the danger not only of cloud storage security, but the importance of individuals keeping their personal information close to the vest. Security researcher Sanyam Jain came across a database belonging to Ifficient, a company that gathered leads…
Leaks reveal the spy tactics which leveraged Wi-Fi in a major airport to track travelers.
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Leaky Autoclerk database exposes info on travelers, including military and gov’t personnel

A leak at Autoclerk, a reservations management system recently acquired by the Western Hotel & Resorts Group, exposed personal and travel information on hotel guests, including members of the U.S. government, military and Department of Homeland Security. “Our team viewed highly sensitive data exposing the personal details of government and military personnel, and their travel arrangements…
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Exposed dating service databases leak sensitive info on romance-seekers

A series of database misconfigurations publicly exposed the personal information and private messages of more than 100 million dating website and mobile app account holders. Independent VPN review site WizCase has reported finding six separate dating sites or apps that each potentially compromised thousands of users due to improper data storage. According to WizCase researchers,…
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