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DeMISTIfying Infosec: Containerization

Containerization is an alternative approach to virtualization. In a traditional virtual machine environment, each VM "guest" runs a full copy of the operating system plus its relevant libraries and systems tools on top of a hypervisor.


Industry Innovators 2017 – Security Infrastructure

This is such a ubiquitous category that it is really a bit hard to define. Just about every tool in your security stack could fit in here if we defined the terms broadly enough. We have three innovators here this year and they are very different, both in how they defend the enterprise and how…
VMware advisory warns users to patch critical issue in product
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VMware patches five security vulnerabilities

VMware pushed out security updates covering five vulnerabilities that if exploited could lead to information disclosure or a denial of service situation. The important-rated vulnerabilities are CVE-2019-5540, CVE-2019-5541 and CVE-2019-5542 and impact VMware Workstation Pro / Player and VMware Fusion Pro/Fusion. CVE-2019-5541 covers an out-of-bounds write vulnerability in e1000e virtual network adapter that could lead…

Mar. 3, 2008: Virtualization security

Burton Group analyst Chris Wolf discusses the release of VMSafe, a set of APIs that allow third-party security vendors to create products to protect the hypervisor, software that powers virtual machines.
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Catbird Secure

Catbird Secure enables automated enforcement of security policies, including microsegmentation rule sets, across Catbird TrustZones.
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HyTrust sees an opportunity to address an inherent weakness in managing the virtual infrastructure.
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Attackers’ use of virtual machine to hide ransomware is a first, say researchers

Virtual machines are an important tool for threat analysts as they debug and investigate malware. But now there is a documented case of malicious cyber actors exploiting a VM to their advantage in an attempt to hide a Ragnar Locker ransomware attack. Researchers at Sophos, who uncovered the technique, claim that such trickery is a…
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