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Asset management
InfoSec Insider

Know Your Inventory: A CISOs Guide to Asset Management

A CISO’s list of responsibilities are vast. They need to protect, defend, and identify any risks and potential attacks that may hit their company’s environment. However, knowing what needs protection is its own challenge.

Executive Insight, Opinion

Security perimeters in the cloud aren’t dead—They’re ephemeral

It goes without saying that companies migrating IT systems and operations to the cloud face a growing number of challenges related to security. From securing cloud-native applications in a continuous release environment to managing digital identity and remote access to sensitive data, virtually every aspect of day-to-day IT and cybersecurity operations is changing rapidly.  With…
Product Review

MobileIron UEM R64

MobileIron UEM secures modern device platforms with zero sign-on, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and mobile threat detection. The product aggregates device and application information in a single pane of glass for easy provisioning, configuration and management across the entire deployment lifecycle. MobileIron UEM always verifies devices, applications, users and networks. This “never trust, always verify” approach…
Threats in 2019 Part 2
InfoSec Insider

2019 Cybersecurity Threat Trends: What Should Be On Your Radar Part 2

Last week we shared the first part of this two-part series on cyber threats in 2019. This week we wrap up the remainder of the insights we shared thanks to our conversation with subject matter expert Adrian Sanabria, VP of strategy and product at NopSec.


Cure worse than disease? Patching riskier under COVID-19 work-from-home policies

Patch management was challenging enough before the world was upended by a rapidly spreading pandemic. But with security teams working remotely, and employee-operated devices dispersed across large distances, quickly prioritizing and fixing critical vulnerabilities has become both more difficult and more important. As the 2017 Equifax breach showed, delays in patching can result in a…

Digital transformation as risk management

Marketers call it “digital transformation.” Really it is just another component of risk management, but this time it focuses on such technologies as AI, cloud and fog computing, mobile devices, and the internet of things.

How COVID-19 pushed companies towards a mobile security strategy

At the start of 2020, many organizations were already focused on protecting their mobile employees – whether they were business travelers or the occasional employee working from home. COVID-19 changed the game. Entire workforces have been forced to work remotely. Many had already made the transition to only using smartphones and tablets for work. Others…
FTC lodges new set of complaints against alleged cell phone spammers
Data Breach, Security News

Sprint customer data breached via Samsung website flaw

Threat actors gained unauthorized access to an undisclosed number of Sprint customer accounts via a compromised Samsung website.   “On June 22, Sprint was informed of unauthorized access to your Sprint account using your account credentials via the ‘add a line’ website,” the wireless provider said in a letter to impacted customers posted on Scribd. “The…
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First Look: Secure Data’s SecureDrive BT

Company Name: Secure Data Product Name: SecureDrive BT Basic Price: $250-$3,700 for 250GB to 8TB SSP What it does: A hardware encrypted storage device that unlocks wirelessly with a mobile device via Bluetooth. What we liked: The remote management-ready capability allows for total control over every aspect of the drive no matter where it’s located…
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