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Coronavirus, Malware, Mobile Security, Security News

Spyware disguised as COVID-19 tracker app actually keeps track of users

Another malicious actor has weaponized an otherwise legitimate, interactive coronavirus tracking map created by Johns Hopkins University — this time to deliver Android spyware as part of a campaign that originates out of Libya and seemingly targets individuals within that country. The surveillanceware, known as SpyMax, comes packaged in a trojanized application named “corona live…
Coronavirus, Security News

Bug leads Facebook to mark COVID-19 posts as spam

With concerns over coronavirus on the rise and in a political climate that can generously be described as “charged,” when Facebook began marking and removing posts linking to COVID-19-related articles as spam, many users on the social media platform began eyeing their friends lists with suspicion and even floating conspiracy theories. But the culprit it…
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COVID-19 decoy doc, Cloudflare service used to spread ‘BlackWater’ malware

Researchers have uncovered a new malware campaign that uses the COVID-19 pandemic as a lure, and also abuses platform-as-a-service web infrastructure tools to apparently thwart attempts at blocking command-and-control communications. Dubbed BlackWater, the backdoor malware specifically takes advantage of Cloudflare Workers — an offering of Cloudflare, a popular provider of website operators with content delivery…
Coronavirus, Security News

Cymatic offers free cybersecurity tool for schools for remote learning

Cymatic has made its in-session visibility dashboard, Cymatic 20/20 will be available for free to educational institutions and non-profits to help supporting students learning from home during the Coronavirus pandemic. The dashboard normally is used to provide remote workers with secure access to critical network applications. The company said in a statement 20/20 dashboard is…
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COVID-19: You won’t get a pass on cybersecurity

The COVID-19 outbreak provides ripe opportunities for criminal actors to exploit fear, uncertainty, and companies ill prepared to to secure remote workers, driven to home offices by travel restrictions and social-distancing. The first threat comes in the form of misinformation and weaponized websites and documents. Websites and apps with outbreak maps are attracting unwitting victims…
Coronavirus, Security News

ETSI OSM replaces live hackfest with virtual event

ETSI OSM successfully dodged the Coronavirus outbreak hosting a virtual hacking conference that was originally scheduled to take place in Madrid. ETSI OSM, an open source management and orchestration group, cancelled its hackfest that was originally scheduled for March 9-12 opting instead to host it online due to Coronavirus fears. The organization was able to…
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Be wary of medical-related emails: Proofpoint

Coronavirus may be the subject of choice for cybercriminal to lure victims into opening or responding to a message, but that does not mean other serious medical issues are also not being abused. Proofpoint found a small campaign recently running using emails purportedly from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center with the subject line “Test of…
Coronavirus, Cybercrime, Malware, Mobile Security, Ransomware, Security News

Password found to rescue victims of malicious COVID-19 tracker app

Members of the IT and cybersecurity communities have successfully obtained a password key for victims of CovidLock Android ransomware, which comes disguised as an app that supposedly helps track cases of the coronavirus, but actually locks users’ phones and demands a ransom in order to restore access. The unlock token has been verified as 4865083501.…
Coronavirus, Events, Network Security, Security News

Cyber investment exec talks COVID-19, Snowden and rise of threat intel automation

The cyber threat intelligence tech space has made significant leaps in the last few years, becoming far less manual, according to Hank Thomas, CEO and co-founder of Strategic Cyber Ventures and former principal/director, cyber intelligence and security, with Booz Allen Hamilton, in an interview with SC Media. “It was seemingly like that particular sector was…
Coronavirus, Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

Russian cybercrime forums seen selling malware-sabotaged COVID-19 map

The recently discovered weaponized coronavirus map found to infect victims with a variant of the information-stealing AZORult malware has been sold online by Russian language cybercrime forums, according to a new report. Security expert Brian Krebs states in a blog post published this week that the live, interactive map dashboard was part of an infection…
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