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The CFP Process Isn’t as Scary as you Think

Calls for presentations: Depending on whom you ask, CFPs are either a great opportunity for subject matter experts to display knowledge and vie for a coveted spot on a conference program, or an absolute nightmare, as the intended speaker carefully calculates the best topic to submit.

InfoSec Insider

The Trouble with Identity

Identity is who we are. It’s what we do and how we do it. In the digital realm, our identities are part of what affords access to the systems, tools, accounts, and functionality that make it possible to perform job responsibilities and effectively contribute to the organizations for which we work.


Market forces: Supply and demand

The market, not government regulation, will push IoT security to a higher standard, says John Ellis of Ellis & Associates. Lee Sustar reports.
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Data Breach

No recourse, perhaps, for 200M affected in breach of RNC database, attorney says

The 200 million registered voters whose personal details were compromised in a massive data breach face an uphill battle should they choose to petition for a class-action suit or seek recompense for the exposure. The breach has been attributed to a misconfigured database managed by Deep Root Analytics (DRA), a data analytics firm contracted by the…
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Meet the new SC Media Labs team

The magazine aims to up its game, providing timely reviews that offer readers practical guidance on which security products to specify.
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Cybersecurity takes the stage

No longer just the concern of IT, cybersecurity is the bad boy headliner that dominates centerstage and all stages beyond.  Teri Robinson reports.  At the recent Lonestar Blues and Heritage Festival in, where else, Texas, fans bounced between the main stage where headliners strutted their stuff and the porch stage where more modest acts plucked their guitars – and…
2014 SC Awards U.S. Finalists: Round One
2014 SC Awards US Finalists

2014 SC Awards U.S. Finalists

The upcoming 2014 SC Awards U.S. in San Francisco will feature some of the most prominent names in the industry. Here's a list of the finalists for the big upcoming event.
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SIEMple evolution: The future for a cloud-based SIEM

The future of SIEM is cloudy, literally and figuratively, as companies strive to keep up with potentially billions of events. It has become an industry cliché to say that SIEM (security information and event management) is dead. Some SIEM vendors love those pronouncements because it drives wavering customers to make purchases before their SIEM systems…
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