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Waiting for DDoS

In football, many offensive plays are designed to trick the defense into thinking something else is about to unfold.

The threat of DDoS

This slideshow by Neustar, based on a study by UBM, highlights key points of a recent survey on companies that thought they were protected from DDoS attacks, until they were hit. Here’s what went wrong.

The evolution of the DDoS

The temporary takedown in December of a handful of websites that cut ties with controversial website WikiLeaks, including Visa and MasterCard, made national news.

Inside DDoS Forensics

Volumetric Attacks, such as the aforementioned DNS or NTP reflections or UDP (User Datagram Protocol) or SYN/ACK (Synchronize/Acknowledge) floods, consume all available bandwidth targeting the largest Internet carriers. “They’re created to take them down,” says Ondrej Krehel, digital forensics lead and CEO of New York-based cybersecurity firm LIFARS. “It’s a brute force.” Layer 7 Attacks…
2015 DDoS ebook

2015 DDoS ebook

They are brutal, in-your-face power invasions designed to overwhelm servers and bring networked systems down without any nuance or surreptitiousness. This latest ebook explores the newest iterations of this scourge and how best to defend against them.

Putting the Breaks on DDoS

This 20/20 webcast looks at the state of the DDoS market, some of the factors that are causing it to expand and some recommendations for companies to defend against these attacks.