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Facebook sues surveillance tool provider and hosts of hacking websites

Facebook this week filed a lawsuit against a reputed spyware provider that allegedly exploited a WhatsApp vulnerability to enable smartphone hacking, and also pursued legal action against the domain hosts of multiple websites that allegedly offer tools for hacking the social network. On Tuesday, Facebook and its encrypted messaging subsidiary WhatApp filed a complaint against…
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Facebook moves to protect elections by flagging content from state-run media

Facebook might have decided to leave it up to the public whether political ads are truthful – or not – but the social media giant said it’s diligently trying to identify and flag content from media outlets run by nation-states to avoid a repeat of the 2016 election when Russia and other countries leveraged its…
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Facebook boots multiple inauthentic accounts created in Iraq and Ukraine

Facebook yesterday excised from its platform hundreds of inauthentic pages, groups and accounts that were created by actors in Iraq and Ukraine. The social media giant removed 76 accounts, 120 Facebook pages, one group, two events and seven Instagram accounts linked to the Iraq-based campaign, and it expelled 168 accounts, 149 Facebook pages and 79…
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Facebook, YouTube used in Brazilian phishing scheme

A cybercriminal gang has put together a phishing campaign that utilizes several trusted sources, along with insider help from a top tier security company service to convince its victims to open and download a malicious attachment. Cofense Intelligence found the malicious actors, who are only targeting Brazilians, are extensively using trusted names, legitimate Windows services…
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Facebook hosts election security meeting between tech companies, intel officials

Executives from leading technology and social media firms convened with U.S. intelligence representatives yesterday to discuss ongoing efforts to shield their platforms and users from election interference campaigns. According to Bloomberg and additional news outlets, Facebook used its Menlo Park, Calif. headquarters to host the meeting, which was attended by Google, Microsoft, Twitter and members…
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419 million Facebook users info exposed, phone numbers and unique IDs

Unprotected databases are behind a leak that exposed information, including unique identifiers and phone numbers, on more than 419 million Facebook users – 133 million of those records belonging to users in the U.S. Security researcher Sanyam Jain, a GDI Foundation member, discovered the databases, which were not password-protected. The records were apparently scraped from…
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Facebook releases more election security changes

In the runup to the 2020 presidential election Facebook shared additional steps it is taking to help ensure campaign ads are properly attributed and vetted. Katie Harbath, Facebook’s public policy director, global elections, said the changes include strengthening the authorization process for U.S. advertisers and showing users more information about each advertiser. This includes placing…
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Facebook publicly releases emails related to data scraping, Cambridge Analytica

Facebook late last week released a string of emails that discuss the social media giant’s internal conversation over the possibility that some Facebook contractors were violating the company’s terms of service when extracting data from profiles. The documents were released due to agreement between Facebook and the District of Columbia attorney general’s office. Facebook originally…
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Federal court says Facebook users can sue over use of facial recognition technology

A federal appeals court has given Facebook users the nod to sue the social media giant for violating their privacy rights by using facial recognition technology without their consent. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s ruling that Facebook users in Illinois could bring a class action suit against Facebook under the…
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Mozilla calls Facebook political ad API inadequate

At a time when securing the 2020 U.S. presidential election and election influence campaigns on social media are at the forefront of the news, Mozilla is claiming that a Facebook tool designed to examine campaign ads is not working as advertised. Mozilla said in a blog post that information that’s being released by Facebook through…
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