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eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware

Spyware looks set to take over the top spot from spam as the biggest threat to business productivity and security. The deluge of spam has resulted in a wide range of software products and appliance-based solutions to combat this menace, but up until recently most anti-spyware solutions have been aimed at the consumer market. Enterprises are just as vulnerable and we are now starting to see vendors taking the threat of spyware at the corporate level just as seriously and vying for a piece of this lucrative market.

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OSX.EvilQuest ransomware targets Macs; Ransom X blamed for TxDOT attack

The crowded ransomware market is now home to three newly discovered players that recently gained the attention of security researchers and malware analysts — including one that targets Mac users and another blamed for a recent attack on the Texas Department of Transportation. Dubbed OSX.EvilQuest, the Mac ransomware was observed being distributed on a Russian…

The Top Cybersecurity Threats for 2017

In 2017 hackers weren’t slackers. The threats – and the attacks – kept coming in rapidfire. In a year drowning in threats, these newbies made their mark. EternalBlue: Since 2016, the mysterious threat group known as The Shadow Brokers has been leaking a trove of cyber weapons apparently stolen from the NSA. Of these purloined…

Petya ransomware reportedly spread via malicious software updates, Windows exploits and tools

The Petya ransomware attack that infected corporations around the world today may have originated from a malicious update for a Ukranian accounting software product called MeDoc, according to researchers. Additionally, the ransomware possibly leverages not one, but two former Microsoft Windows exploits that were employed by the National Security Agency (NSA) before they were leaked by…

VPNFilter malware affects even more network devices, can deliver exploits to endpoints

The VPNFilter malware that was discovered infecting hundreds of thousands of routers and Network Attached Storage devices since at least 2016 is apparently an even more serious threat than originally reported. A new blog post today from Cisco Systems’  Talos threat intelligence unit reports that researchers have identified even more device makes and models as targets, and…
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