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Defeating the Pragmatic Adversary

Current assumptions are that today's adversaries move through the kill-chain step-by-step, using the most advanced tools, techniques, and tactics to carry out their objective.
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VPN apps found insecurely storing session cookies

Researchers with National Defense ISAC Remote Access Working Group discovered multiple Virtual Private Networks (VPN) applications were insecurely storing authentication and/or session cookies in memory logs and files. The vulnerability would allow an attacker to replay the session and bypass other authentication methods and ultimately grant them access to the same applications as the user…
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Solving for Evasion: The Cyber Kill-chain and the Enterprise Security Platform

The first step to defeating advanced threats is understanding the sophisticated techniques malware and exploits are using to evade detection and slip past traditional security controls. We will share a detailed review of the cyber kill-chain, including each step used to compromise hosts, with data from real attacks and specific anecdotes.
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What’s really on your network?

Face it, your users want to use any application while at work, yet they may not be aware of the associated business and security risks. Filesharing, remote access, video and social networking applications are all rampant on most every network we analyze. Commonly found among those applications are very sophisticated threats hiding in plain sight, acting like normal traffic, using SSL, FTP, and RDP to steal data.
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