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Maintaining data security while processing data in the cloud

The scalability, flexibility, easy access, and cost savings of the cloud have made it easier than ever for organizations to store, access, and analyze their customer data. However, regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) place significant demands around how and where data can be accessed and used. Consequently, global organizations that are processing…
Reboot Leadership Awards 2019

Ben Seri – Armis Security

Why nomintated: Ben Seri’s work in the IoT space specifically around BlueBorne, the first airborne IoT vulnerabilities impacting more than five billion devices globally, and BLEEDINGBIT, chip- level vulnerabilities used in the fabric of internet infrastructure. Seri has fought against the fast-paced creation and adoption of IoT devices that are created and deployed with security…
Reboot Leadership Awards 2019

Erez Yalon – Checkmarx

Why nominated: Erez Yalon’s he has put his talents and tools he had previously developed as an independent security researcher to work at Checkmarx to help find vulnerabilities at wide range of websites. This includes Tinder where he found security flaws could have allowed an attacker to monitor a user’s interaction with the app and…
Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News

Avast places flashlight apps’ permission requests in the spotlight

An Avast researcher shed some light on the number and invasiveness of the permissions requested by various publishers to download and install their flashlight app. The security firm’s analyst Luis Corrons looked at 937 Android flashlight apps available and found on average each required 25 permissions ranging from the basic and obvious need to access…
Android Hack mobile security
Mobile Security, Security News

Millions of Android phones vulnerable to phishing attacks

More than half of the Android mobile phones in use are susceptible to an advanced text-based phishing attack that only requires a cybercriminal make a $10 investment. Check Point researchers found malicious actors using a remote agent to trick phone owners into accepting new phone settings that hand over various levels of control to the…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Google expands and adds new bug bounty service

Google is expanding its bug bounty series launching the new Developer Data Protection Reward Program (DDPRP) and expanding the scope of the Google Play Security Reward Program (GPSRP). The DDPRP will operate in conjunction with HackerOne to identify and mitigate data abuse issues in Android apps, OAuth projects, and Chrome extensions. The program’s goal is…
Malware, Security News

BRATA malware targeting Brazilian Android devices

First there was Brangelina, TomKat and Bennifer and now Kaspersky has presented the world with BRATA, or Brazilian RAT Android. BRATA is not a power celebrity couple, but is a relatively new Android remote access tool family that, at least so far, has exclusively targeted Brazilians using Android 5.0 or higher, according to Kaspersky’s GReAT…
Mobile Security, Security News

Malicious ad clicking apps with 1.5M downloads found on Google Play

Researchers found and reported two apps that remained available on Google Play for more than a year containing ad-clicking malware. The notepad app Idea Note and fitness app Beauty Fitness were created by the developer Idea Master were in the store for more than a year being downloaded about 1.5 million times. Symantec Software Engineer…
mobile security
Mobile Security, Security News

Massively popular Phone PDF app contains malicious dropper

A popular mobile PDF creator that has been downloaded from Google Play more than 100 million times was found to have a malicious dropper component included. Kaspersky researchers Igor Golovin, Anton Kivva are reporting that an examination of Phone PDF creator found a malicious dropper component in the apps advertising library. One very similar what…
mobile security
Mobile Security, Security News

AhMyth –based malicious app found in Google Play

A new type of Android-centric spyware has been found that is capable of avoiding Google’s app-vetting process. Malicious actors have placed the spyware in an app, called Radio Balouch, aka RB Music, which does in fact deliver on its advertised promise of playing Balouchi-style music, a traditional music that encompasses classical, semi-classical, and folk music…
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