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Coronavirus, Cybercrime, Malware, Mobile Security, Ransomware, Security News

Password found to rescue victims of malicious COVID-19 tracker app

Members of the IT and cybersecurity communities have successfully obtained a password key for victims of CovidLock Android ransomware, which comes disguised as an app that supposedly helps track cases of the coronavirus, but actually locks users’ phones and demands a ransom in order to restore access. The unlock token has been verified as 4865083501.…
Coronavirus, Cybercrime, Malware, Mobile Security, Ransomware, Security News

Coronavirus tracking app locks up Android phones for ransom

A malicious Android app that supposedly helps track cases of the coronavirus actually locks users’ phones and demands a ransom in order to restore access. (Note: a password key has since been published. See follow-up story here.) Dubbed CovidLock, the newly discovered ransomware performs a screen-lock attack by forcing a change in the password required…
Cybercrime, Legal, Malware, Security News

Necurs botnet operation dismantled; millions of malicious domains disabled

A coalition of security-minded organizations led by Microsoft struck a major blow against the mighty Necurs botnet — one of the largest in world — dismantling its infrastructure in a global takedown. Empowered by a court order, Microsoft not only took control of the Necurs operators’ web domains, but it blocked an additional 6 million…
Malware, Phishing, Security News

Don’t get fooled again: Fake coronavirus emails impersonate the WHO to deliver FormBook trojan

Fears over the novel coronavirus have triggered mass quarantines, Purell and Clorox shortages and financial market turmoil. As global concerns continue to mount with the latest headlines – just today, it was reported that the head of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey was infected – cyber fraudsters and threat actors continue…
Director's Cut Videos, Security News

CrowdStrike report: In a first, majority of attacks in 2019 were malware-free (video)

CrowdStrike on Tuesday released its annual Global Threat Report, and for the first time ever, the number of malware-free attacks that the company observed over the previous year exceeded actual malware-based attacks. The cybersecurity firm, which won Best Security Company at the 2020 SC Awards last week during the RSA Conference, reports that 51 percent…
Cybercrime, Data Breach, Malware, Ransomware, Security News

Data-stealing ransomware hits parts maker for Tesla, Boeing and Lockheed Martin

Visser Precision, a parts maker and manufacturing solutions provider for the aerospace, automotive, industrial and manufacturing industries, has reportedly suffered a combination ransomware attack and data breach that has compromised files pertaining to multiple business partners, including Tesla, SpaceX, Boeing and Lockheed Martin. In a statement, Denver, Colorado-based Visser confirmed it was “the recent target…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Malproxying: Leave your malware at home

Endpoint protection plays a critical role in the modern organizational security stack. Yet the very nature of this security model is fundamentally flawed. Endpoint security solutions, and the malicious actors trying to breach them, are locked into a perpetual game of cat and mouse. Each side must continually adapt and react to the tactics of…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Detecting malware patterns with cutting-edge graph search tools

This past July, Capital One was hit by one of the largest financial hacks in history, impacting the personal data of over 100 million people. Unlike other attacks, however, this one was notable because it originated from a cloud vendor. The attack targeted data stored on AWS servers, with access coming through a misconfigured firewall.…
National Security Agency
Security News, Vulnerabilities

NSA reveals to Microsoft critical Windows 10 flaw

Microsoft reportedly acted on an NSA warning creating and issuing a secret out-of-band patch to the military and other high-value targets fixing CVE-2020-0601, a vulnerability affecting a core cryptographic component present in all versions of Windows. Published reports stated that the NSA informed Microsoft of the vulnerability and this knowledge enabled Microsoft to quickly fix…
APTs/cyberespionage, Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

Bahraini oil company reportedly attacked by new ‘Dustman’ disk wiper

Bapco, the national oil company of the Persian Gulf island nation of Bahrain, was reportedly targeted in a Dec. 29 disk wiper attack that officials believe originated from Iran-backed hackers. Iran is historically associated with past disk wiper campaigns against energy companies, most notably the destructive Shamoon or Disttrack malware attack against the Saudi Arabian…
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