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Spirent Communications CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment v2.02

Vendor: Spirent Communications, plc. Price: $45,000 Contact: Quick Read   What it does: Spirent CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment offers attack simulation technology with hyper-realistic traffic emulation to test production and operational environments safely, while still enabling security posture validation without all the usual false positives that too often come with it. What we liked: The…
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CISOs value peer advice most when researching cyber solutions

A majority of surveyed CISOs said that when shopping for cybersecurity vendor solutions, they value input from their peers first and foremost – more than analyst reports, vendor content or any other source of information, according to a newly published research. A joint project of communications agency Merritt Group and technology and Tech Exec Networks…
Cybercrime, Data Breach, Ransomware, Security News

History shows, transparency can ease the fallout from a cyberattack

Cybersecurity firms have a responsibility to keep their clients safe from digital attacks. But when they end up the victims, they potentially risk losing credibility with these customers, especially if their operations are disrupted. It’s a potentially juicy extortion scenario for attackers, and we just saw an example of this play out last week when…
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Australia says state-based actor is behind surge of sophisticated cyberattacks

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned late last week that a sophisticated, state-sponsored cyber actor has been attacking the country’s government and corporate institutions, as well as critical infrastructure operators, with increasing regularity. Morrison did not name-and-shame the specific country that is responsible for the alleged attacks. But inside sources told Reuters that China is…
RiskSec 2020, Security News

Former DoD CSO: The West must lead

As the developing world follows in the steps of the West and begins entering an age of saturated connectivity, it’s important for people in leadership positions to set the tone for a culture of cybersecurity, said former chief security officer for the Department of Defense Jonathan Reiber on Thursday. And considering the United States has…
Security News

New index shows proactive cybersecurity measures outpaced reactive in Q2

Under pressure, large companies’ cybersecurity forces leaned in, and got the results they intended. Amid the extreme challenges cybersecurity teams experienced in the second quarter of 2020, a newly released business-activity index shows that companies with 500 or more employees in North America and Europe emphasized proactive security measures to protect assets and detect breaches…
Emerging Products, Reviews

The Picus Security Validation Platform 3113

Vendor: Picus Security Price: $10,000 Contact: Quick Read   What it does: The Picus Security Validation Platform takes a threat-centric approach to cyber resilience and offers continuous security validation that assists teams in identifying potential breach gaps and executing real-time and retrospective analysis to mitigate gaps. What we liked: We liked the user-friendly interface that’s…
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Only a Public-Private Partnership Can Secure the Electric Grid

President Trump recently issued an Executive Order to bar the purchase of certain critical electrical grid components from foreign adversaries. This order—like a similar telecommunications order released last year—reflects an acknowledgment by the federal government of a longstanding cyber threat to the electric grid posed by compromised equipment.  As with other threats to our critical…
Data Breach, Government/Defense, Security News

U.S. top in significant cyberattacks on CSIS list

The U.S. by far has been hit harder than any other country in the world with 156 “significant” cyberattacks since 2006, according to new data from the U.S.-based think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) that chronicles major hacks up until last month.   The U.K. finished second with 47 significant attacks, which…
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Threat hunters watch as Chinese hackers forage forums for tools

Mike McLellan, senior security researcher at Secureworks, talks about the discovery and investigation of one recent Chinese attack campaign that revealed how nation-state actors will leverage any code at their disposal.
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