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Cybercrime, Security News

GandCrab returns with trojans and redundency

The GandCrab ransomware has returned with a new set of trojans in addition to its initial infection. The addition of new tools comes just over a week after at least one threat actor began using a combination the info stealer Vidar with the ransomware to increase their odds of taking something of value away from…
Opinion, Security News

Buyer Beware: Autonomous Security is a Myth

Cybersecurity artificial intelligence (AI) needs to exist before it can save us. The excessive use of AI in marketing materials has left those looking for enterprise security solutions – CISOs, IT managers and SOC teams, unable to differentiate hype from real value. According to The State of Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing, nearly two-fifths of…
Peter Stephenson
Malware, Security News

Next Generation Tools: Deception Networks

There have been several predictions as to where adversary hacking is headed in the foreseeable future. Virtually all credible predictions have one thing in common: emerging attacks will be intelligent. In simple terms that means that these attacks will have the ability to make decisions and, to some extent, control their own actions without the…
Security News

Cisco fixes two critical bugs, recommends workaround for a third

Cisco Systems yesterday issued 17 security advisories, disclosing vulnerabilities in multiple products, including at least three critical flaws. One of them, a privileged access bug found in seven models of its Small Business Switches, has not yet been patched, but the company has recommended a workaround to limit its potential for damage. Designated CVE-2018-15439 with…
APTs/cyberespionage, Malware, Phishing, Security News

Enigmatic cyber espionage campaign revives source code from old foe APT1

A newly discovered cyber espionage campaign targeting South Korea, the U.S. and Canada features malware that reuses old source code associated with the seemingly dormant or disbanded APT1 threat group. The findings raise the possibility that the reputed Chinese threat actor has resumed operations, especially because its source code was never released to the public, according to…
Government, Government/Defense, Security News

Former CIA Director Brennan recounts his transformation into a full-fledged cyber strategist

When John Brennan became director of the CIA in 2013, he set out to bust the silos and cultural blockades that prevented the smooth flow of information among agency groups and their partners around the world. Much has changed since then, Brennan said on Wednesday, as now government agencies are better able to connect data…
Security News

Halt, who goes there? Identity access management

In the heady days of the 1970s, no one passed through the doors of Studio 54 without famously being vetted by the trendy club’s bouncers – and with good reason. Not only did the disco want to attract only the hippest or most desirable of celebrities and glitterati, it also wanted to protect them, ensuring…
Executive Insight

Protecting blind spots — or, the search for security’s next big thing

Blind Spots, or unseen dangers, are an inevitable fact of life. This is particularly true in the cybersecurity industry. This is because it’s simply impossible to predict the next big thing. Who could have predicted Spectre and Meltdown coming even though the vulnerabilities sat dormant on chips for over 20 years? Additionally, when Joseph Popp…
Executive Insight

Software supply chain attacks: preventing and mitigating “the next ransomware”

The variety of cybersecurity threats is multiplying every year — ransomware, banking trojans, DDoS, crypto-mining, zero-day exploits, and malware-free attacks increase with regularity. Yet one of the most alarming security threats is one that affects virtually every organization worldwide – vulnerabilities in the software supply chain. Last year’s NotPetya attack struck one year ago in…
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