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Data breach causes 10 percent of small businesses to shutter

Data breaches hitting massive entities like Equifax, Facebook and Target grab headlines, but the impact on small businesses is just as severe with attacks causing bankruptcy or even forcing a firm to shutter its doors. A report issued by the National Cyber Security Alliance, based on a Zogby Analytics survey of 1,008 small businesses with…
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Court doc: Equifax allegedly used insecure password ‘admin’ to protect portal

Failing to patch a critical vulnerability in its Apache Struts software was not the only major security oversight committed by Equifax in the lead-up to a highly damaging data breach in 2017, according to a document filed as part of a securities fraud class-action lawsuit filed earlier this year. An order and opinion filed last…
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Ning Wang – Offensive Security

Why Nominated: Ning Wang is a rising star who has worked to break the boundaries in the security industry so that people can see that anyone is capable of starting a career in cybersecurity and advancing it – important at a time when WannaCry and breaches like Equifax are daily reminders that cyberattacks have a global…
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Exposed server leaks PII on all 16.6 million Ecuador citizens

If another leaky Elasticsearch server may seem a little anticlimactic, considering how frequently they occur, the latest find by security researchers might have more of a “wow” factor since it exposed information on nearly all of Ecuador’s 16.6 million citizens, 6.7 million of them children. “The irresponsible handling of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) has literally…
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Despite concerns over breaches, 40% of cardholders have provided Social Security numbers online

Two years after the Equifax breach, four in 10 consumers holding credit or debit cards have included their full Social Security numbers on an online form, a new report has found. In research conducted for the second year in a row to mark the anniversary of the 2017 Equifax breach that exposed the personal information…
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Game on: Why hackers hack

Theft of sensitive data, ranging from employee and customer information to intellectual property, remains at the epicenter of the battle between threat actors and the organizations responsible for protection. Consumers and businesses alike are sharing more data across an ever-expanding digital landscape that includes the cloud, mobile, IoT and more. So, organizations are increasingly challenged…
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Capital One hacker who stole personal info on 100M arrested

The FBI arrested a former software engineer from Seattle on charges of computer fraud and abuse after she accessed Capital One Financial Corp. data through a misconfigured web application firewall and stole Social Security numbers, names, birth dates, bank account numbers and other personal information on more than 100 million people. Paige A. Thompson, 33,…
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Social Engineering: Telling the good guys from the bad

No matter how sophisticated computer security technology becomes, the human desire for connection and friendship appears to be an endless opening for social engineering attacks. The costs of socially engineered attacks remain considerable. Individual costs can range between $25,000 and $100,000 per person per incident, says Mark Bernard, principal of Secure Knowledge Management, a security…
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Equifax to pay up to $425 million for breach in FTC settlement

Equifax will pay between $330 million to $425 million to a restitution fund for victims in a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over a 2017 breach that exposed the personal information of 148 million people. The company came under fire for its poor security practices that had it missing an Apache Struts vulnerability responsible…
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Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the financial services industry

Universally, consumers and small and large businesses alike, are increasingly aware of the well-established fact that cybercrime is on the rise. Last year, 4iQ discovered nearly 15 billion identity records that had been stolen from companies and were circulating the deep and dark web, including 3.6 billion new and verified records. There were also over…
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