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Five tips for controlling insider threats during the work-from-home era

The internet was rocked by a very public breach on Twitter during July in which dozens of celebrity accounts were compromised. The hacked accounts announced all at once that they’d double “donations” made to their personal bitcoin account, which in reality was a cryptocurrency scheme. As more details emerged, we learned that the cybercriminals behind…
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What’s really changed three years after Equifax breach?

Are organizations better off today than they were three years ago when a devastating breach at Equifax exposed sensitive customer data and poor security practices in equal measure? The consensus among experts is that companies still have a ways to go. “Unfortunately, not much has changed,” said Greg Foss, senior threat researcher from VMware Carbon…

Combat data breaches by using training and technology

Corporate data breaches are a big deal, and as data grows more valuable and regulations become stricter, it’s increasingly important to have the right mechanisms in place to prevent them. IBM’s 2020 Cost of a Data Breach report found that the average cost of a breach in the U.S. was more than $8 million. Even…

Give employees the right tools to defend against phishing attacks

There’s a direct correlation between data breaches and sophisticated phishing attacks. Stolen records are sold on the dark web, and then cross-referenced and merged with personal information from previous breaches. Notable data theft events from Equifax and EDGAR have made it easier for criminals to launch targeted phishing campaigns against high-value organizations. To protect against…

The American Cyberinsurgency

In today’s evolving threat landscape organizations must be more prepared than ever before. With large scale incidents like Equifax and Target, or the more recent attack on Capital One, breaches are a looming threat. 
Data Breach, InfoSec World 2020, Security News

Equifax CISO Farshchi: Transparency, focus on behavior transformed security, culture

When Jamil Farshchi takes the stage this morning at InfoSec World 2020 to deliver the keynote “Leaders Needed: Preventing the Next Big Breach,” no one would doubt the Equifax CISO knows from whence he speaks. After all, he joined the credit monitoring company after a devastating breach reported in 2017 exposed information on tens of…
InfoSec World 2020, Security News

Aflac’s Tim Callahan presses hard line on managing third-party risk

Ask 100 people to define risk and you’ll get 100 definitions (if not more), but all typically agree on one thing: identifying and managing risk is extremely important to an organization’s livelihood and resilience. It can make a difference in curbing, mitigating and/or recovering from cybersecurity incidents. Recently, that resilience and the ability to manage…
Executive Insight, Opinion

The price of bad compromises: Enterprises face critical trust gaps

As leaders, the rise of digitization and the cyber risk it presents feels like old news. We’re so inundated with cyber breach stories that we’re almost numb to them. We’re hyper-focused on the bottom line and the digital scale we need to achieve it. Yet it’s become apparent that our digital scale is creating sweeping…
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The new cybersecurity resilience

Is your cybersecurity posture resilient enough to survive a pandemic? You’re about to find out. Teri Robinson reports.  Long before the coronavirus made the jump from bat to humans, most organizations had prioritized cybersecurity and operational resilience, or at least given it lip service, recognizing that while stopping all threats at the doorstep is impossible,…
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CISOs score big on employee risk

The analytic capabilities are there to pinpoint problem employees. But what to do with them? Bradley Barth reports. Equifax has a vested interest in reducing risk. Ever since a devastating 2017 data breach affected roughly half of all American citizens, the credit monitoring company has implemented a series of initiatives designed to prevent a similar…
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