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Two vulnerabilities found in VMware virtualization products

Security researchers have uncovered a pair of vulnerabilities in VMware software, virtualization technology used to run multiple versions of an operating system on a single computer. One flaw affects a server version of the software, the other is found in desktop software.

SEVered attack able to defeat AMD SEV

Several German researchers have shown a proof of concept attack indicating virtual machines using AMD's secure encrypted virtualization (SEV) are susceptible to being hacked.
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DeMISTIfying Infosec Virtualization

Virtualization is the creation of a virtual—or separated—computing environment. The concept came into play in the 1960s as a means for dividing system resources of mainframe computers.

VMware advisory warns users to patch critical issue in product
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VMware issues critical security update for Workstation and Fusion products

VMware last week issued a security update for its Workstation and Fusion virtual network devices, patching a critical integer overflow vulnerability that, if exploited, could allow unauthorized guests to execute code on the host. Designated CVE-2018-6983, the hypervisor vulnerability is fixed in versions 14.1.5 and 15.0.2 of Workstation Pro and Workstation Player, and versions 10.1.5 and 11.0.2…
Virtual data safety

Virtual data safety

Enterprises adopt virtualization for cost savings, but then open themselves to new security issues, reports Chuck Miller.
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