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NetIQ Identity Manager

Identity Manager from NetIQ is a full identity and user management platform that allows administrators to manage users across physical, virtual and cloud-based environments.
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The roadmap to identity management

What does Identity and Access Management (I&AM) really mean to a business? The answer varies depending on who you talk to. For example, consider the viewpoints of the three board-level people most directly involved in decisions on any I&AM investment: the CEO, CFO, and CIO/CTO.
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Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager

The Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager integrates with the company’s SharePoint to give administrators the ability to manage user identities and create identity workflows all in one place.
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Identity Manager 3

Novell have been around since the very early 1980s and will be associated by many with NetWare and, more latterly, their work in the open source area. With offices around the world, the company is active in many technology areas, including consultancy. It is therefore well placed to understand the eccentricities of network access control,…
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Complying with identity management

In recent years a series of laws, regulations and standards have been introduced in Europe and North America, which directly or indirectly make new demands on companies’ IT security and IT risk management. Whereas in the past IT managers and security personnel largely autonomously determined a company’s IT security policy, IT administrators are now faced with the necessity of analyzing the relevant industry-specific regulations and implementing these in a range of concrete measures.
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Avatier Identity Management Suite

Besides automating user creation, the Avatier suite of products offers seamless integration with HR software, enables IT departments to set up a web portal for users to reset their passwords, and it can also create workflows so that high-level IT personnel aren’t bogged down with lower-level requests.
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Identity management, NAC and DLP

These three families of products are all committed to protecting the most precious assets of any organization – its data, says Peter Stephenson.
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