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Identity access management – An auditor’s view

This article addresses the key concern that organizations of all size must contend with, i.e. lack of effective Identity and Access Management (IAM) processes. The risk of not having a robust IAM system may lead to severe consequences, some of which include loss of data confidentiality, integrity, and even availability. This can inflict irreparable harm to…
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Kevin von Keyserling – Keyfactor

Why Nominated: Since founding his company in 2004, Kevin von Keyserling has transformed Keyfactor (formerly Certified Security Solutions) from a security consultancy to a digital identity management solutions provider that manages more than 500 million digital certificates for companies around the world. Over the last year, he closed the Cleveland, Ohio-area company’s largest funding round to…
Executive Insight, Opinion

5 Steps organizations should take to ensure CCPA compliance

Now that the California Consumer Privacy Act has officially taken effect, follow these 5 steps to ensure compliance, even if your organization is outside the Golden State. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, more than 164 million consumer records containing personally identifiable information (PII) were exposed in data breaches in 2019. Seemingly every week…
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Using Social Auth with Your App? 4 Steps to Protect Your Users and Mitigate Security Concerns

By Keith Casey, Okta API Problem Solver Another day, another breach headline. What’s unique about the latest Facebook breach is that it’s the source of truth for many other companies and applications who use social platforms for authentication. A vulnerability in a social authentication service has far-reaching effects across thousands of apps and millions of users.…
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Password manager flaws can expose data on compromised devices, report says

Flaws in top password managers can expose the very data they are supposed to protect, a study by researchers at Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) researchers found. “100 percent of the products that ISE analyzed failed to provide the security to safeguard a user’s passwords as advertised,” ISE CEO Stephen Bono said in a release announcing…
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Who goes there?

A common theme that runs through successful books and movies is misdirection. Are the good guys really good and the bad guys really bad? Identity is everything. In the real world, you do not want to be the good guy who finds out at the end that your colleague or business partner was actually an…
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Simeio Identity Orchestrator

Simeio Identity Orchestrator is a microservices- and cloud-based identity platform that takes a service-first approach to identity and access management. The scalable, easy-to-use interface manages identities, simplifies complex operations, and supports multi-vendor environments. This solution securely engages with anyone, anywhere, anytime, on any device, and because of its many platform capabilities and large partner ecosystem,…
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Okta Identity Cloud

Okta Identity Cloud is an identity-centric, neutral platform that secures enterprise data by enabling the management of all users, groups, and devices across an organization. It also gives developers the confidence necessary to focus their security design efforts on the user experience rather than security. Okta modernizes IT through cloud migration, a secure, zero-trust model…
Reboot Leadership Awards 2019

Richard Bird – Ping Identity

Why Nominated: Leveraging over 20-years of experience in identity and access management and security, Richard Bird serves as a thought leader on issues of identity ownership, data privacy, and new government regulations for protecting user identities. Ever a futurist, Bird proposes that the U.S. institute unique digital identifiers, and urges companies to adopt cutting-edge security frameworks…
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Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based identity and access management service that covers a broad range of authentication scenarios, user types, and developer authentication abilities. Its single sign-on makes for a seamless end-user experience, while its multi-factor authentication protects end-users from cyberattacks. This simple yet comprehensive security-centric identity solution, built on industry leading technology, runs…
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