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Apps submitted to Google Play are now reviewed by 'experts'
Malware, Mobile Security, Security News

29 stealthy banking trojans removed from Google Play store

Nearly 30 banking trojans were removed from the Google Play Store but not before being downloaded by nearly 30,000 users. ESET researchers spotted 29 malicious apps masquerading as device boosters, cleaners, battery managers, horoscope-themed apps and after installed, could dynamically impersonate any app installed on the victim’s device and target the user with custom phishing…
Network Security, Phishing, Research, Security News

What is workforce’s biggest cyber knowledge gap? ID’ing phishing threats, says study

An analysis of workers’ cyber knowledge gaps found that ends users last year struggled most with identifying phishing threats and protecting data throughout its lifecycle, according to a new report from Proofpoint. Titled “Beyond the Phish 2019, the report incorporated data gathered from roughly 130 million answers to questions that were posed to endpoint users…
Malware, Security News

ICEPick-3PC malware compromises third-party tools to steal Android IPs

A new malware dubbed ICEPick-3PC is stealing device IP addresses en masse since at least spring 2018. The malware executes after its authors hijack a website’s third‐party tools which are often pre-loaded onto client platforms by self-service agencies and are designed to incorporate interactive web content, such as animation via HTML5, The Media Trust said…
Phishing, Security News

Verizon phishing scam takes a mobile-first approach

Verizon customers are being targeted by a phishing campaign which researchers described as having a sophisticated, mobile-first approach that optimizes its phoney sites for mobile devices and demonstrating awareness of Verizon infrastructure. Lookout researchers discovered the attack in late November 2018 and said activity has since intensified in March, when three waves of attacks were…
Mobile Security, Security News

WhatsApp patches flaw allowing easy installation of Pegasus spyware

Facebook posted a security advisory for a buffer overflow vulnerability in its subsidiary WhatsApp that could allow an attacker to install Pegasus spyware on victims devices. The  Israeli NSO group developed spyware allows its users to turn on a phone’s camera and mic, scan emails and messages, and collect the user’s location data and can…
Coronavirus, Network Security, Security News

Cybersecurity makes World Economic Forum’s top 10 Covid-19 global fallout list

The World Economic Forum mainly concerns itself with high-level macroeconomic issues such as global recessions and world economic development. That’s why it was significant this week when the WEF cited cybersecurity as one of its “Top 10 Fallout” issues from COVID-19 in its Global Risks report. Nearly 38 percent of those surveyed say changing work…
Cybercrime, Mobile Security, Security News

Over 100 apps found to serve unwanted ads using ‘Soraka’ SDK

More than 100 Android applications that were downloaded over 4.6 million times via the Google Play Store were found to contain malicious code that delivers unwanted, out-of-context (OOC) advertisements to users. The code, a software development kit called Soraka, typically delivers its first OOC ad just after a device is unlocked, according to a new…
Election Coverage, Security News, States of Security

State of Security: Arizona

In the wake of the 2016 Russian attempt to hack into Arizona’s election system its Secretary of State Michele Reagan commissioned a top to bottom study of the state’s election security posture the results of which were released in October. The 15-page report, compiled by Gartner, came up with a series of recommendations and Reagan…
Election Coverage, Security News

2020 Predictions: Election Security

David Richardson, senior director of product management, Lookout 2020 Election Hacking Will Focus on Mobile – As cyber attacks have evolved to target mobile devices because of their nature and form factor, so will cyber attacks in the 2020 Presidential Election. Spear phishing campaigns are moving beyond the traditional email-based phishing attacks we saw in…
Network Security

CIO: Strayer U’s cybersecurity investments enable digital innovation for students, faculty

The higher learning institution Strayer University is giving its students, faculty and employees an education in cybersecurity, with investments in identity and access technology (IAM), risk management assessments, and anti-phishing training. These initiatives have given the university a secure foundation upon which to introduce numerous innovative digital offerings to its student body, according to Sabrina…
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