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Network Security

ROCA vulnerability threatens RSA encrypted devices on heels of KRACK scare

Less than a day after the KRACK vulnerability scare affecting all Wi-Fi devices using the WPA2 protocol security pros once again have their hands full to update patches for the ROCA vulnerability which could allow an attacker to circumvent RSA encryption. The vulnerability (CVE-2017-15361) infects vulnerable keys found in about 760,000 products from major vendors…

NIST issues guidance for protecting medical IoT devices

The incredible advancements that have turned what were once standalone pieces of medical equipment into IoT devices do enable better care for patients, but at the same time open these devices up to cyberattacks, warned the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), working with the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE), in a new report.
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From Interop: Securing Wi-Fi must be priority

As the use of Wi-Fi by businesses becomes more pervasive, IT departments must rethink their wireless security strategy to combat threats, a panel said Tuesday at the Interop conference in Las Vegas.
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‘Dragonblood’ flaws in WPA3 protocol could help adversaries recover passwords

The WPA3 protocol and certification that was introduced last year to make Wi-Fi networks more secure was found to contain a series of vulnerabilities, including time- and cache-based side-channel flaws that could ultimately allow adversaries to recover passwords. Developed by the Wireless Security Alliance, WPA3 replaced the old standard’s Pre-Shared Key exchange with a Simultaneous Authentication…

The Top Cybersecurity Threats for 2017

In 2017 hackers weren’t slackers. The threats – and the attacks – kept coming in rapidfire. In a year drowning in threats, these newbies made their mark. EternalBlue: Since 2016, the mysterious threat group known as The Shadow Brokers has been leaking a trove of cyber weapons apparently stolen from the NSA. Of these purloined…
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SecPoint Penetrator

Unlike traditional hardware appliances, this product is available as both a rack mount server, but also as a smaller Dell OptiPlex unit.
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Gartner declares iPhone ready for enterprise

Apple's iPhone will soon be "ready for business," according to analysts at research firm Gartner, which originally labeled the popular mobile device unfit for enterprise deployment.
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