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Cybersecurity takes the stage

No longer just the concern of IT, cybersecurity is the bad boy headliner that dominates centerstage and all stages beyond.  Teri Robinson reports.  At the recent Lonestar Blues and Heritage Festival in, where else, Texas, fans bounced between the main stage where headliners strutted their stuff and the porch stage where more modest acts plucked their guitars – and…
Top 5 influential IT security thinkers

Top 5 influential IT security thinkers

This year-end special section focuses on people who represent the highest degree of professionalism in security, individuals who stand out for their technical skills, managerial prowess, insight and advocacy.
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Cryptojacking: The growing malware menace

Don’t let unauthorized cryptocurrency “miners” steal your company’s computer power — or worse! Cryptomining — the name itself sounds like it is almost like printing money using your computer. And it just might be for individuals, investors, and others with the right mix of savvy, capital, good timing, and a whole lot of luck. But…
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CrowdStrike Falcon 5.x

CrowdStrike Falcon offers detection, prevention, monitoring and search capabilities to protect against advanced and persistent threats. Combining comprehensive threat intelligence from the Falcon OverWatch team with next-generation antivirus capabilities, endpoint detection and response and managed hunting, this software goes beyond alert triage into the realm of proactive threat hunting. The management interface includes multiple dashboards,…
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China inserts microchips into motherboards used by Apple, CIA, Amazon

A microchip planted by China on Supermicro motherboards used by organizations, including the CIA, the U.S. military, Amazon and Apple, left sensitive information vulnerable to hacking and underscores the importance of locking down the security of the supply chain whose vast tentacles reach out to touch organizations around the globe. “It’s the equivalent of the…
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