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USB devices — the lean, mean and portable threat

The hotel you're staying in is great. It even has a computer center for you to surf the internet or tweak the last of the network diagrams for your meeting in the morning. You open the document on your USB pen drive and within minutes you've completed what you deem to be absolute perfection. A quick print and a save and you're done for the night.

Good enough for your business?

If you're part of a financial institution, chances are you've memorized the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidance chapter and verse, and, with risk assessment in hand, are in the midst of rolling out some form of consumer authentication. If yours is like most financial institutions, you approached FFIEC audits with a "good enough" mentality, meaning that whatever you install to protect people against online fraud and ID theft is better than what you had — and the less invasive to the consumer the better.
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