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Five high-level flaws patched in Cisco Discovery Protocol

Cisco Systems has issued fixes for five high-level vulnerabilities in various implementations of its Cisco Discovery Protocol, which is enabled by default in tens of millions of Cisco products. The five flaws, collectively named CDPwn, could allow attackers to either remotely execute code or trigger a denial of service, warned Cisco yesterday, as did researchers…
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Five ways to secure identities and protect assets in the gig economy

Long gone are the days of giving gold watches to 40-year career employees. For enterprises across industries, the gig economy is increasing. And while it provides businesses and employees opportunity and flexibility, when it comes to protecting data and other sensitive information, the gig economy can bring major security challenges.   “Gig economy” is a…
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Privacy takes a hit, as storage bucket leaks cannabis dispensary POS data

A misconfigured Amazon Web Services S3 storage bucket was discovered leaking data that had been collected by a point-of-sale system used by multiple cannabis dispensaries, researchers from vpnMentor reported on Wednesday. The exposed bucket, which was found on Christmas eve and closed by Jan. 14, was found to contain more than 85,000 files. These included…
Network Security, Security News

An AI solution to the cyber labor squeeze?

Can hype-scarred cybersecurity pros dare to be hopeful about artificial intelligence as a means to ease the acute information security labor shortage? The answer is a highly qualified “yes,” say several industry players usually skeptical of trendy cyber solutions but who are on the lookout for any tech that promises greater efficiency for labor-intensive grunt…
Access Control, Cryptocurrency, Cybercrime, Insider Threats, Network Security, Security News, Web Services Security, E-Commerce Security

Twitter hack is a reminder of the dangers of unfettered employee access

Twitter’s acknowledgement that a “coordinated social engineering campaign” involving multiple employees was behind a hack of prominent verified accounts raises significant questions as to whether business organizations are implementing effective security controls that limit potential insider threats’ access to back-end administrative tools. The hacking incident — which promoted a cryptocurrency scam and victimized the accounts…
SC Security Ops Center, Security News, SIEM

Reducing SIEM fatigue: Finding a signal in all the noise

Finding a needle in the proverbial haystack seems absurdly simple compared to managing security information and event management (SIEM) systems. How can you find that blip of an anomaly that indicates a bad actor just launched a piece of malware or impersonated your system administrator when your log files are the moral equivalent of finding…
SC Security Ops Center, Security News

Encryption everywhere

While encryption will deter data breaches, it comes with its own baggage — and keys It is not a question of if the bad actors will access confidential or highly classified data, rather it is a question of can attackers read and use confidential and classified data after they access it. Many experts believe the…
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