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Huawei responds to allegations of NSA hacking
APTs/cyberespionage, Government/Defense, Security News

Trump national emergency on info security allows ban on Huawei

Amid escalating trade war tensions with China and a lengthy dispute over Huawei Technologies over espionage allegations, President Trump declared a national emergency that bans U.S. telecommunications companies from using equipment from foreign firms that could threaten national security. The Commerce Department followed up immediately by placing Huawei Technologies and 70 affiliates on the Bureau…
Network Security, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Cookie leak allows white-hat researcher to access HackerOne vulnerability reports

Bug bounty platform provider HackerOne Tuesday disclosed that one of its own security analysts mistakenly sent a session cookie to a white-hat researcher on Nov. 24, allowing the researcher to take over the analyst’s account and access vulnerability reports on a number of companies. The researcher, known in the HackerOne community as haxta4ok00, promptly reported…
Data Breach

Russia, security industry responds to indictments in Yahoo breach case

Ever since the announcement on Wednesday by the Department of Justice (DoJ) that it had indicted four men for their hack of Yahoo in 2014, information security experts have been responding with a range of comments. The fact that Russian nationals working for the nation’s premier spy agency were involved only exacerbates the impact of…
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