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GDPR: It’s (just about) here

Like many college students who cram the night before a test - and some writers who test the limits of their editors' patience with their procrastination - many companies have pushed off GDPR compliance, believing either it doesn't apply to them, it's too costly or overwhelming or they can afford to wait and see just how serious regulators are about admonishing and fining companies who falter on privacy. Big mistake.
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Scaling the cloud

There used to be a time when large enterprises, in particular, took pride in the idea of managing all their various and sundry IT functions, every backend process, in-house.

Equal? Not quite

It's time to broaden the concept of what a career in information security looks like, particularly for women, reports Teri Robinson.
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Cover story: Coming up roses

If the online marketplace were a family, could be considered a patriarch. In 1992, the flower distribution business joined AOL as the internet service provider's first merchant. Three years later, the company added a ".com" to its name and became one of the web's earliest and most recognizable success stories.
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Sweet charity

When Jim Thie showed up in Americus, Ga. one day last year to interview for the chief information officer job at Habitat for Humanity International, he quickly figured out he was a long way from the corporate world.
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Endpoints: Same as they ever were, but different too

The numbers are in and they are terrible. The FBI reports that more than 4,000 ransomware attacks occur daily and industry research has found there are 230,000 new malware samples produced every day. During the past six years, the Breach Level Index reports that 15 billion data records have been lost or stolen. That translates…
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