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Where enterprise CISOs go wrong

The best laid plans are often fraught with mistakes – some big, some more nuanced. Evan Schuman looks at where CISOs can fall short. Enterprise security today, at least at the $4 billion annual revenue level and up, is in a precarious place. Despite GDPR and best security practices insisting on having complete global datamaps,…
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Cities get smarter

Just about every city in America has a Smart City project that looks to improve services, security and sustainability. SC Media took a look at some of the leading programs of 2019.  Denver During the past year, Pena Station NEXT, the ambitious “work, live, play” project near Denver International Airport began to take shape. Panasonic has…
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Risk and compliance challenges in the swift moving lead-generation market

Recently, Andrew Smith, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection stated that one of its priorities would be to “combat bad practices in the lead generation market.” 33 Antitrust ABA 75, 76 (Spring 2019). Smith suggested the FTC was concerned about the entire ecosystem’s bad practices. He echoed his remarks during Comply 2019, an…
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States weigh in on cybersecurity

With the focus trained on national legislation to safeguard data and privacy, legislative activity at the state level often gets overlooked, though it has flourished in recent years. Many states either passed, rejected or have pending bills primarily focused on compelling businesses to inform customers about how their data is used. Here is a quick…
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Cookie leak allows white-hat researcher to access HackerOne vulnerability reports

Bug bounty platform provider HackerOne Tuesday disclosed that one of its own security analysts mistakenly sent a session cookie to a white-hat researcher on Nov. 24, allowing the researcher to take over the analyst’s account and access vulnerability reports on a number of companies. The researcher, known in the HackerOne community as haxta4ok00, promptly reported…
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The three-sphere circus of compliance

When wrestling with compliance requirements, CISOs often feel like they are a performer in the middle of a three-ring circus, rapidly trying to juggle sharp knives. No matter how fast or perfectly they juggle, there is an assistant, or in this case regulator, behind the curtain constantly throwing out more and more knives, each one…
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