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Raising information exchange

SC Magazine is providing an exclusive look at abridged versions of various chapters included in the just-released Larstan’s "The Black Book on Government Security," as part of an agreement with Larstan Publishing. This month’s excerpt will be available in an extended form on
InfoSec Insider

Can You See the Clouds Gathering?

For companies on the path of cloud adoption, the fear that dark “clouds gathering” could impact business health and one's financial bottom is a source of anxiety. Despite recent data that show cloud adoption rates consistent growth over the last 18 months, a group of holdouts endure.

Executive Insight

Hiding in Plain Sight: The Banking Trojan Stalking Your Users’ Inboxes

If you’re a seasoned, conscientious IT professional, you have likely been spending more and more time over the past few years pondering just what your users know (or don’t know) about phishing. You know that attacks on organizations such as yours have been climbing at a rapid rate and that the payloads they deliver to…

Market forces: Supply and demand

The market, not government regulation, will push IoT security to a higher standard, says John Ellis of Ellis & Associates. Lee Sustar reports.
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