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Balancing Digital Transformation with Security

With 2017 in full swing, it is hard to ignore the impact that digital transformation has on today’s businesses. Across the globe, companies of all sizes are transforming their processes, workflows, and cultures in favor of digital interaction.  Some examples:  Small – Midsize Businesses Selling products and services online Creating mobile-friendly loyalty program and coupon…
Report: More than 15,000 vulnerabilities in nearly 4,000 applications reported in 2014

Meltdown, Spectre updates aplenty, but the fix is more complicated

A pair of flaws dubbed Meltdown and Spectre that take advantage of the speculative execution performance feature in modern CPUs make the memory of virtually all computers and devices accessible to hackers.  “The Meltdown [CVE-2017-5754] and Spectre [CVE-2017-5753 and CVE-2017-5715] exploitation techniques abuse speculative execution to access privileged memory—including that of the kernel—from a less-privileged user process…
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WANTED: A new breed of superhero

Phishing and identity theft is becoming more sophisticated and more successful, despite high-profile legal triumphs. David Quainton looks at how the phishers have advanced, and what we need to do to match them
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The big decision: To outsource or not?

Market analysts predict that more of us will be outsourcing the IT security function over the next few years. In our latest Roundtable discussion, Julie Jervis hears the views and advice of four infosec professionals
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Why OSINT is a BFD

OSINT, or open source intelligence, is information about threats collected from publicly available sources. The CIA defines OSINT as information “drawn from publicly available material.

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What is the Zero Trust Framework in cybersecurity and 5 considerations for building a Zero Trust IT environment

What is Zero Trust? Zero Trust isn’t a product or service, and it’s certainly not just a buzzword. Rather, it’s a particular approach to cybersecurity. It means exactly what it says – not ‘verify, then trust’ but ‘never trust and always verify.’ Essentially, Zero Trust is about protecting data by limiting access to it. An…
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Salt exploit attacks expose underestimated threat vector: Infrastructure-as-Code tools

Malicious actors have pounced on a pair of critical vulnerabilities found in SaltStack’s open-source, event-based IT automation and configuration management tool Salt. In a series of quick strikes over the weekend, one or more attackers exploited the flaws — disclosed and patched just days earlier — to compromise the “Salt master” servers of several prominent users,…
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